1/2 L Isi Gourmet Whip – Review

March 8, 2019

Transform Your  Way To Cook With The Isi Gourmet Whip

Over the past months, we have brought you many kitchen equipment reviews. From coffee equipment to sous vide machines or even a grill review. But for this week, we bring you a completely different type of equipment. A product capable of producing the most delicious froths, souces, whipped creams, and a lot more things. We are talking about a professional whip creamer. So in this Isi Gourmet Whip Review, we will tell you everything you need to know about this product and why you should definitely have one in your home kitchen.

If you are thinking about what is an Isi Gourmet Whip, the answer is very simple. A multifunctional cream whipper for the professional or home kitchen. A product designed to prepare both hot and cold creams, froths, sauces, soups or whipped cream and other desserts.

isi gourmet whip review
Isi Gourmet Whip 1/2 L

The Isi Gourmet Whip 1/2L

The Isi Gourmet Whip is by far one of the best professional cream whippers on the market. The majority of cream whippers are designed for cold use, for making whipped cream, mousses or chilled frothy sauces. But the Isi Gourmet Whip takes it a step further, allowing you to make warm froths, whips, and soups.

This product is incredibly well made, build with high-quality stainless steel, stain-resistant and nonreactive. You can load it with acidic liquids and store it in the refrigerator with no worries about oxidation or off-flavors. The stainless steel bottle and head are designed for professional use and are dishwasher safe. When you buy the Isi Gourmet Whip it includes three different tips: a red tip tulip, a red tip straight, and a stainless steel straight tip. This package also includes a charger holder, a cap and a cleaning brush.

In this review, we decided to focus on the Isi Gourmet Whip 1/2 L because we believe this is the right capacity for home use. It’s cheaper than the 1L cream whipper and uses less N2O charges.

Although a cream whipper is not an obvious choice to have at home, we believe that this equipment can change the way you cook. With a price around $90 we know that isn’t cheap, but if you use it properly it definitely worth your money. You will be able to stuff donuts, make frozen chocolate mousses or even a 40-second sponge cake. With this product the limit it’s only in your imagination!

isi gourmet whip review
Box Content

Product Information

Technical Specification

Product Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 10 inches / 10.1 x 10.1 x 25.4 cm
Item Weight: 1.96 pounds / 889 g
Shipping Weight: 2.15 pounds / 975.2 g
Material Type: Stainless steel
Item model number: 140301
Manufacturer: iSi

At The End Of Isi Gourmet Whip Review

Although the Isi Gourmet Whip is an expensive product we believe that is a great addition to any kitchen equipment collection. A product that will allow you to create new amazing dishes and improve your cooking skills.

You simply need to let your imagination run wild, to be amazed at the range of products that you can create with this essential kitchen tool. And the 1/2 L capacity make it a perfect cream whipper for any home kitchen, allowing you to make just a special dinner for two or for a small party of six.


The Isi Gourmet Whip is an incredible equipment, that will give you the ability to take your home cooking to another level.


Ease Of Use




Build Quality



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