A Very Serious Cookbook – Review

December 26, 2018

A Very Special Cookbook

In this article, we decide to bring another Restaurant Cookbook Review. This time a very special one! A Very Serious Cookbook, released October 25th, is the first publication from Jeremiah Stone and Fabián von Hauske. A cookbook that promises recipes covering the seasonal style and unique flavor combinations.

This is the story of two restaurants beloved by chefs and food writers. Lower East Side tasting-menu restaurant Contra, and its more casual sister, Wildair. The book exudes the spirit of collaboration and exploration that inspires the chefs’ passionately seasonal cooking style, boundary-pushing creativity, and love of natural wine. Narratives explore how and why they developed their signature dishes, many of which are ideal for creative home cooks.

A Very Serious Cookbook
A Very Serious Cookbook: Contra Wildair

Inside A Very Serious Cookbook

In this cookbook, Stone and Hauske, explain how and why they developed the menus and dishes at the acclaimed restaurants. Forward by the comedian Eric Wareheim, there’s more than just recipes on offer here. The book is full of wit and stories that’ll satisfy you just as much as the food.

A Very Serious Cookbook: Contra Wildair includes 85 recipes and is split across three distinct categories: Sometimes, Always and Never. ‘Always’ will feature classic, staple recipes from the duo’s restaurants, it will also be the section of the book with non-seasonal dishes. ‘Sometimes’ will include hyper-seasonal recipes and ‘Never’ will feature one-off creations from the chefs. The back of the book also contains a pantry section with useful information on recurring ingredients.

One of the things we like most in this cookbook is the way each recipe is paired with insightful narration from the chefs, as they explain ideas, opinions and share stories from their travels and tastes in the world of food. The way they share this information is in a funny and passionate tone that offers something for both experimental home cooks and pro-chefs alike.

A Very Serious Cookbook
Potato, Cheddar, Walnut Recipe

For Sure One Of The Best Cookbooks Of 2018

Just for this title you already understand how good this book is. The end of the year is almost here and after many cookbooks review, we can say that this book was our favorite of 2018. We can’t find anything we don’t like in this book, everything is simply amazing! If you are looking for some cooking inspiration this is the book that you are looking for.


We only can say one thing: BEST COOKBOOK OF 2018!









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