BBQ&A with Myron Mixon Cookbook – Review

July 15, 2019

BBQ&A with Myron Mixon: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Barbecue

For us, summer is the perfect time of the year to gather all our friends around a great barbecue. We’ve been reviewing barbecue cookbooks, so you always have a source of inspiration for new and delicious barbecue recipes. To continue with the barbecue topic, in this week cookbook review, we decided to bring you the BBQ&A with Myron Mixon Cookbook.

Have you ever wondered if you can make a good barbecue without a smoker, pit, or grill? If you need to use a rub or marinade? Not sure what a brisket is, whether you need to trim it, and if so, how? In BBQ&A with Myron Mixon, bestselling author and TV personality Myron Mixon will have the answers to these questions and much more. Myron’s lively, informative answers are paired with practical visuals and cover techniques and methods, flavors and preparations, recipes and formulas – all collected in one place for the first time by the winningest man in barbecue.

BBQ&A with Myron Mixon
BBQ&A with Myron Mixon Cookbook

The Winningest Man In Barbecue

Myron Mixon is a man that doesn’t need any introduction! Is a four-time world barbecue champion and has won more than 200 gran BBQ championships, resulting in over 1800 trophies, 30 state championships, 8 Team of the year awards, and 11 national championships. He is the New York Times bestselling author of Myron Mixon’s BBQ Rules and Everyday Barbecue and the star of Discovery’s BBQ Rules and BBQ Pitmasters.

Every time that Myron releases a new cookbook, the expectations are always high. In this new project, Myron decided to try a new approach, a cookbook with the most frequent question he heard in its long career. In fact, this, question-answer approach is one of the things that stands out most in the book. Basically, BBQ&A with Myron Mixon consists of a series of questions, then answers, and then a few recipes to put the techniques into action.

These questions cover a series of different topics. From how to get a spice rub to stick to your chicken to what cuts of meat to buy. You will even learn how to get a smokey flavor without a smoker.

BBQ&A with Myron Mixon
Meat Prep

The Bible Of Barbecue

If you look for a barbecue cookbook on your local book shop, you will find a ton of different options. This is great but some times could be a pain in the ass, depending on your barbecue expertise. What we are trying to tell you is that you will find different cookbooks for different levels of expertise. With means that you can buy a cookbook for a rookie or for a pro.

Finding a cookbook that suits both targets could be difficult. Luckily we already have the opportunity to review some of these books, such as Franklin Barbecue and Franklin Steak. BBQ&A with Myron Mixon take this approach to another different level. This cookbook is like the new bible of barbecue cookbooks. If you know absolutely nothing about grilling, barbecuing, different cuts of meat, how to treat those different cuts of meat, how to smoke, how to make sauces, how to serve, even how to butcher a hog, this book is going to tell you.

The best part of this book is that it can also be used by professionals. In fact, there is a section in this book where Myron explains the differences between competition cooking and cooking in your backyard. So this book is perfect for both rookies and pitmasters!

At The End Of BBQ&A with Myron Mixon Cookbook Review

BBQ&A with Myron Mixon is a great addition to any barbecue cookbook collection. This book is perfect for everyone because on one hand rookies will learn crucial barbecue techniques and on the other hand professionals will elevate their skills to another level.


BBQ&A with Myron Mixon is a great starting point into the world of barbecue. If you know absolutely nothing about barbecuing this book is going to tell you everything you need to know.









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