Dorie’s Cookies Cookbook – Review

January 27, 2020

The Cookie Bible dorie’s cookies cookbook review

Cookies are one of the most loved baked goods in the world. Each country has its own and each person has their favorites. Due to this popularity, we decided to dedicate this week’s cookbook review to this sweet treat. In Dorie’s Cookies Cookbook review we will take a closer look at one of the most impressive and delicious collections of cookies.

Over the course of her baking career, Dorie Greenspan has created more than 300 cookie recipes. Yet she has never written a book about them – until now. In her first cookbook, we get just more than half of those, including all the cookies, savory and sweet, developed for a cookie boutique she and her husband ran in New York City.

In Dorie’s Cookies, you will find all kinds of cookie recipes. From the three-ingredient Gozinaki to intriguing mash-ups like Peanut Brownie Sables. If good cookies are the goal, Dorie Greenspan is an ideal guide.

dorie's cookies cookbook review
Dorie’s Cookies Cookbook

Cookies for Every Taste

In Dorie’s Cookies you will find cookies for every taste and occasion. There are cookies of every kind imaginable and some that you might not have imagined. As Dorie says ” You’ll be surprised at how many of our favorite sweets can be cookie-ized.”

In this book, you will have everyday cookies and cookies for weekends (recipes that take a bit more time), holidays and celebrations. There are bars and brownies and biscotti and the kinds of cookies that make big batches for parties. And there are all the recipes for Beurre & Sel (Dorie’s Cookie Boutique). To summarize things, this book was written to satisfy the Cookie Monster in all of us.

Greenspan sees the world through a cookie lens. This is a woman who literally dreams up new cookie flavors. Cocktails inspire new cookies and so trips to new cities. Flavor combinations on a cheese platter end up in a cookie, too. If it is possible to become a cookie Dorie has probably already tested it.

dorie's cookies cookbook review
Chunkers. Photo by Davide Luciano

Techniques to Make Better Cookies

We all know how sometimes it is tempting to skip the first section of a book and dive into the recipes. But Dorie’s Cookies introductory chapter on techniques, ingredients, and equipment is a must-read. Here you will find helpful and revelatory information that is helpful for new bakers as well as experienced ones.

Using this book is like having Dorie looking for you in the kitchen. In the recipes, she anticipates potential pitfalls and clearly guides you away from them. With hundreds of cookie recipes to her name, she knows where things might go awry because she’s been there.

She will also let you know when it’s necessary to take an extra step and let you off the hook when it’s not. As if all these things where not enough Dorie also notes what steps in a recipe can be done ahead or divided over several days.

dorie's cookies cookbook review
French Vanilla Sables. Photo by Davide Luciano

At The End Of Dorie’s Cookies Cookbook Review

Dorie’s Cookies is a fantastic cookie cookbook that has everything you possibly dream about cookies. More than delicious classics or adventure combinations, you will find useful and helpful information so you can create your own favorite cookies. Written by a baking guru, Dorie’s Cookie is destined to become a classic, that just might be the only cookie book you’ll ever need.


Dorie's Cookies is an extraordinary collection of cookies created by a Culinary Guru, that will make your mouth watering with its amazing recipes.









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