Masontops Mason Jar Set – Review

August 16, 2019

Mason Jar Set – Multi-Purpose Bundle

For this week equipment review, we are back with another fermentation product. Last week, we decided to review the Masontops Fermentation Kit, one of the best kits available on the market. But for using this kit, you will need some mason jars! So, this week we decided to review the Masontops Mason Jar Set.

Masontops produces some of the best mason jars, lids, and accessories on the market. They have everything you need to create your own superfoods by fermenting delicious veggies, to sprouting nutritious high-protein legumes.

masontops mason jar set
Masontops Mason Jar Set

What Is Inside Of The Multi-Purpose Bundle

The Masontops Mason Jar Set Kit is a stylish solution for organization, fermenting, and even drinking. A Kit for reorganize and restyle your pantry, fridge, workshop, bathroom or craft box. This kit comes with 4 mason jars with 4 corresponding chalk top blackboard disc lids, tough band screw bands, and 1 top chalk erasable marker. The jars and accessories are all in “wide mouth” size and the jars have a volume size of 24oz (709 ml).

One of the things we liked most about this kit was the fact that there´s nothing that you can store and seal in these airtight containers. You can use them for fermenting, store coffee and dry foods, drinks and smoothies. And the best is that with the chalk top erasable blackboard disc lids, you can easily label and relabel jars without messing around with stickers or tape.

The Masontops jars have a unique design with sleek, straight sides and clear glass for improved visibility and stylish look. They also have a unique rustproof screew band, that doesn’t rust or warp from fermenting.

This Size Fits All

There are several reasons why we like Masontops jars. In addition to bringing something new to the market, they are fully compatible with all wide mouth accessories. Including the fermentation and sprouting tools, drink lids and of course, the standard screw band and disc tops that come with these jars.

For us, this is one of the best features because you can buy all the wide mouth jars that you want, and not wondering if the accessories will fit. This means, that you can use a jar for multiple purposes.

At The End Of Masontops Mason Jar Set Review

The Masontops Mason Jar Set is a great solution for those who want more than just a simple mason jar. So no matter what you’re passion is, whether it’s fermenting, sprouting, juicing or simply keeping organized, these wide mouth jars are up to the job!


Masontops Mason Jar Set is a great way to organize and personalize your kitchen. And the erasable blackboard disc lids gives the ability to use and reuse these jars for different things.


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