Meat: The Ultimate Companion Cookbook Review

February 17, 2020

Everything You Need To Know About Meat meat the ultimate companion review

Today we decided to bring you a book dedicated to one of our favorite ingredients. In Meat: The Ultimate Companion Cookbook review, we’ll take a closer look at an essential meat-lovers book wrote by Anthony Puharich and Libby Travers and foreword by the internationally acclaimed celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain.

In Meat: The Ultimate Companion you will learn virtually all you need to know about meat. Including things like why you should eat better quality meat, but eat less of it; eat the whole animal; and, eat more wild animals.

meat the ultimate companion review
Meat: The Ultimate Companion Cookbook

Make The Most Out of Your Meat

Meat: The Ultimate Companion is not your typical cookbook. It is designed to walk you through the topic from the eyes of the farmer, the butcher, and the best cooks; helping you with the questions you might want to ask before you buy your meat.

Fifth-generation butcher Anthony Puharich believes that sustainably raised meat can and should remain the pinnacle of the kitchen: a special and wonderful treat, handled with care by the best farmers and butchers and eaten with respect. In its new book, we will reveal how you could make the most out of your meat in more than 100 recipes.

But besides the mouth-watering recipes, you will also learn important information about butchering art. Topics like the history of every major animal we raise for meat, international breed maps, cut diagrams, and descriptions are just some of the things you will learn in this book.

meat the ultimate companion review
Victor Churchill Butcher, Australia

More Than Beef

One of the things that we really like in this book is its incredible content. You will have chapters for Birds, Sheep, Pigs, Cattle, and wild. There is information about breeds, their history, and what they eat and how it affects the taste, as well as what happens on the farm, at the butcher, and finally, in the kitchen.

There’s also a chapter on techniques, including cooking methods and basic butchery.

With hundreds of illustrations, diagrams, and stunning photographs this book is the ultimate guide for anyone who is serious about meat.

At The End of Meat: The Ultimate Companion Review

Meat: The Ultimate Companion is a fabulous cookbook for those who want to know more about meat. As we already said this is not your typical cookbook, but instead, it is a guide that allows you to understand how you can make the most out of your meat. For us, this book will be our companion for every time we need to know a little more about meat.

So, if you really want to deepen your knowledge about this product, this is the book for you!


Meat: The Ultimate Companion is an essential guide to any meat lover. From the expert tips, cut diagram, to mouth-watering photographs this is a book that any meat lover will want to have.









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