The photography of Modernist Cuisine – Review

August 27, 2018

The Photography of Modernist Cuisine – the photo book.

Following the success of “Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking“ and “Modernist Cuisine at Home”, Nathan Myhrvold and The Cooking Lab have brought out the ultimate feast for the eyes, “The Photography of Modernist Cuisine”.

At this point, we all know what Nathan and his team can do, but this time they raise the bar. If you already follow us, you know that here, at we are fans of the modernist cuisine photos. This book is the pure definition of a visual rollercoaster! As a result, this book it’s making us crazy!

The Photography of Modernist Cuisine
The Photography of Modernist Cuisine Book

A feast for the eyes

The Photography of Modernist Cuisine” is jam-packed with stunning photographs, that transform the simplest of the ingredients into true works of art. This book is a 150 carefully selection of the best images from the Modernist Cuisine series. Focus stacking and panorama stitching reveal curious, mouth-watering angles. Disorientating close-ups go beyond food porn by offering a more profound, haptic perspective.

Probably the most innovative technique in “The Photography of Modernist Cuisine” and one of the reasons that made the photographs of the Modernist Cuisine series so famous is the cutaway. These techniques make possible to view the interior of food and cooking equipment bring a new awareness of the chemical and physical processes that take place in cooking.

The Photography of Modernist Cuisine
Oops by Nathan Myhrvold

Mind Blowing

After leaf through the first pages of the book, we have only one thing in mind – how the heck did they do that? Thankfully Nathan and his team offer explanations, devoting a 38-page chapter to the art and technique behind the photographs. “The Photography of Modernist Cuisine” also contains a set of useful tips for taking photos at home or in a restaurant, making the book accessible even for beginners.

Finally, this book is another great addition to the Modernist Cuisine series and a must-have choice for any food photographer. This book is the true tribute to food, making even the least appetizing foods into true masterpieces.


“The Photography of Modernist Cuisine” is definitely the ultimate feast for the eyes. This book has a great diversity of incredible photographs and even the stories, techniques, and science behind each one. If you want a book of amazing pictures and surreal techniques, this is your book!









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