The Vinegar Cupboard Cookbook – Review

January 6, 2020

The Vinegar Cupboard: An ancient ingredient for the modern cook

In this week’s cookbook review, we decided to bring you one of the most interesting cookbooks of 2019. The Vinegar Cupboard is the first cookbook from food writer Angela Clutton. It was launched in March 2019 to great critical acclaim, with accolades from Nigella Lawson, Tom Kerridge amongst many more.

The Vinegar Cupboard delves into the fascinating history and production of this often-overlooked ingredient. Telling us how vinegar have woven its way through culinary and medical history for thousands of years. This authoritative compendium illustrates the transformative uses of this age-old ingredient, which so often elevates simple cooking into something quite special.

the vinegar cupboard
The Vinegar Cupboard Cookbook

The World of Vinegars

In this book, Angela explores the surprisingly broad spectrum of vinegars from around the world. Demonstrating vinegar’s unique role in cooking as well as its dietary benefits. Inside The Vinegar Cupboard, you will find Angela’s collection of 70 inspiring savory and sweet recipes. Enabling modern cooks to understand how to balance and enhance flavors with this secret weapon.

With a wealth of historical background, the book also shares how different types of vinegar, from cider to wine and fruit-infused, have woven their way through two thousand years of culinary and medical history.

Chapters are dedicated to each different type of vinegar, with a range of recipes that showcase how best to use it. Whole Roasted Onions and Balsamic-Ripple Ice-Cream, from the fruit and balsamic section; Octopus in Red Wine Vinegar and Cinder Toffee, from sherry, wine and cider vinegars; Scallops in Malted Butter and Nanbanzuke Fish, from grain Vinegars; and Honeyed Slaw of Red and White Cabbage and Raspberry Drop Pancakes, from extracted and infused vinegars.

the vinegar cupboard
Different variety of vinegars

A New Trend

Nowadays there is a growing interest in vinegars and a recognition of the role acidity plays in cooking. In fact, you can find cookbooks that will teach you the important role that acids play in foods. One of these great cookbooks is Salt Fat Acid Heat from Samin Nosrat.

The range of vinegars on the market is expanding rapidly. You can easily find thousands of different vinegars on the market. From fruit, herb, sherry, cider, malt, rice, balsamic to the common red and white wine vinegars.

With so many choices, it’s great to have a book like The Vinegar CupBoard at our side.

Final Thoughts

The Vinegar Cupboard is not just a cookbook with recipes. Despite having plenty of it to choose from, it will also teach you how to get the best of one of the oldest ingredients known to mankind. In the end, if you are looking for a cookbook that will take your food to the next level just with the addition of one ingredient, The Vinegar Cupboard is the right book for you.


The Vinegar Cupboard is a fantastic cookbook that shows to everyone the often-overlooked world of vinegars.









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