WD50 Cookbook – Review

July 1, 2019

WD50 Cookbook: The Story Of A Pioneering Restaurant

Two weeks ago we give a 5 out of 5 at the Wildness Cookbook, it was the first time we have such a high score in a book review. For us, it was a total surprise, especially because it’s a restaurant cookbook. Initially, we thought it would take some time until we give another 5 out of 5 to a cookbook. But Last week, when we received the WD50 Cookbook to review we instantly knew that this would be one of the best books ever.

WD50 Cookbook is the first book from the groundbreaking chef Wylie Dufresne – The story of WD~50, his pioneering restaurant on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, and the dishes that made it famous. When it opened in 2003, WD~50 was New York’s most innovative, cutting-edge restaurant. Mastermind Wylie Dufresne ushered in a new generation of experimental and free-spirited chefs with his wildly unique approach to cooking, influenced by science, art, and the humblest of classic foods like bagels and lox, and American cheese.

wd50 cookbook
Wd~50 The Cookbook

A cookbook That Works As A Time Capsule

The WD50 Cookbook explores one of the most exciting decades in modern culinary history, through the lens of an unforgettable restaurant. With 10 amazing chapters, like Eggs, Foie Gras and Noodles, and with more than  340 pages this cookbook plays a great tribute to one of the best restaurants in the world. Looking through the amazing photos from the restaurant, team, and the iconic recipes it’s like going back in time to the crowded days at WD~50.

Stories are something that you definitely do not want to miss in this cookbook. Working as a time capsule, this book will tell you the stories from the first days of Wylie Dufresne as an apprentice to until the last days of WD~50. The recipes are also incredibly well written with detail and simple instructions that will allow you to recreate some of the iconic dishes of WD~50 in your kitchen.

The quality of this book is really incredible, after many incredible cookbook reviews, it’s truly amazing to discover such an extraordinary cookbook like this one.

wd50 cookbook
Knot For Recipe

At The End Of Wd50 Cookbook Review

WD50 Cookbook is an astonishing book full of incredible photos, detailed recipes and stories from the last days of the WD~50. This book is an essential piece of culinary memorabilia for any cookbook aficionado.


WD50 The Cookbook is an extraordinay cookbook that explores one of the most exciting decades in modern culinary history through the lens of an unforgettable restaurant.









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