Wildness Cookbook – Review

June 17, 2019

Wildness: An Ode To Newfoundland And Labrador

Since we start doing cookbook reviews that we realized that most of our favorite books are from Phaidon. Lucky for us, we have the opportunity to review all their books, so we can help you to find your own favorite cookbook. In this week, we bring you Wildness Cookbook review, which is another great cookbook from Phaidon.

Wildness Cookbook is the first book from the acclaimed chef Jeremy Charles, that will take you on a journey to Canada’s rugged east coast. Where wildness has a profound influence on the tasting menu at Charles’s acclaimed restaurant, Raymonds, nestled in the historic port at St. John’s. Charles is now one of the most acclaimed chefs in Canada. He has been receiving fantastic media attention, including New York Times, Guardian and extensive footage on the globally aired Parts Unknown with the late Anthony Bourdain.

wildness cookbook review
Wildness Cookbook

An Inspiring Cookbook

Like in most restaurant cookbook reviews that we had made, the majority of the recipes are almost impossible to do at home. In Wildness Cookbook things are not different. Although you might try a few recipes, this book is not focused on home cooking. But as we already said in multiple articles, the most important thing you will learn in cookbooks aren’t the recipes.

Wildness Cookbook is the most beautiful and spectacular cookbook that we had the opportunity to review this year. Alongside the gorgeous photos of which recipe, you will find breathtaking photographs of Canada’s rugged east coast. Throughout all the chapters of the book, you will find a perfect combination of these two types of photos. But in this book, you will find much more than beautiful photos.

You will find more than 160 recipes that represent the local fare: cod, shellfish, moose, game, wild edibles, and more. Each recipe is accompanied by its own story, along with essays about the people and landscape.

wildness cookbook review
Moose Marrow

At The End Of Wildness Cookbook Review

Jeremy Charles could not have arranged a better way into the world of cookbooks. Wildness: An Ode To Newfoundland And Labrador is by far one of the best cookbooks that we had the opportunity to review this year. In this book, you will find great recipes, and techniques but most importantly, you will find true stories. Although you won’t be able to do many of the recipes in this book, this one definitely deserves a spot in any cookbook collection.


Wildness: An Ode To Newfoundland And Labrador is an outstanding an inspiring cookbook that will probably be on our list of the best cookbooks from 2019









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