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May 15, 2019

Alex French Guy Cooking – The Food Geek

As we promised a few weeks ago, we will continue our new series about the best Youtube Food Channels. In this lifestyle article, we will share with you one of our favorites youtube food channels, Alex French Guy Cooking. This is not the first time that the write about our friend Alexis Gabriel, in fact, we already had the opportunity to review his amazing cookbook “Just A French Guy Cooking“. – if you don’t know his book, you have to go check our review because it’s incredible!

Alex French Guy Cooking is an incredible youtube food channel that will make you want to jump right into the kitchen. Armed with a healthy-ish obsession of instant ramen, and a future expert in croissant, Alex is one of the biggest names in the YouTube food industry.

The best way for you to know how incredible and funny this channel is is to see for yourself!

Alex Cooking’s Best Work On Social

How To Chop Onions

Master The Jacques Pepin’s Perfect Omelete

How To Make French Onion Soup

A Big Name In The Industry

Alex is passionate for food, who loves to demystify cooking by experimenting with food and cooking methods.  With more than 950k subscribers on youtube and almost 100k on Instagram and Twitter, he is one of the big names in the industry. Last week Alex won a shorty award in the food category, which is a recognition of his extraordinary work.

If you are looking for a “different” channel that will change the way you look at the food you need to check Alex’s channel. You will have amazing content and a lot of thins for you to try at home. From dry-age meat to the perfect croissant or even how to build Alex’s space wok range.

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