BRRREWER: The Coolest Way To Brew Your Coffee

BRRREWER: The Coolest Way To Brew Your Coffee
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
September 4, 2019

Unleashed Your Creativity And Experiment With BRRREWER

For this week lifestyle article we are back with one of our favorite topics – coffee. We team up, once again, with our friends from abcoffee to bring you the best coffee articles you can find. This time we bring you the preview of one of the coolest cold brewers you can find on Kickstarter. BRRREWER is a cold drip system with a fresh perspective and a strong emphasis on design and sustainability.

BRRREWER is a product conceived, designed and made by Essense, an Italian start-up specialized in the filter coffee industry. A user-friendly system that enables coffee lovers all around the world to enjoy cold brew and its amazingly smooth taste in the purest way.

First Impressions

Over the last month, we have been testing the BRRREWER, and although we tested a prototype version we were surprised by its performance. This cold brew equipment uses a state-of-the-art microfiltration system to achieve great results. With this system, water drops are evenly distributed thanks to capillary action throughout the coffee grounds, to ensure a perfect brew with extraordinary clarity of flavors and clean texture. This result in a less acidic drink with an intense aroma and balanced taste.

The two microfiltration membranes (included in the box) are reusable and durable. Making BRRREWER an eco-friendly system that does not require any paper filters or disposable items. Beside these filters, you will also find other great quality materials  such as:

TRITAN™, a Food Grade & BPA-free polymer
Stainless steel
Borosilicate glass
Handcrafted wood

One of the great advantages of this equipment is its versatility. Although the equipment was design for cold brew, it can be used in many ways. We made a few tests with hot water (only to test it – we recommend doing a cold brew recipe) and the results were surprising. You can use it and still use hot water while preserving the benefits of cold brew. You can also use this equipment for mixology techniques or for molecular gastronomy.


Minor Adjustments

Like in any prototype, this system needs some improvements. We have been reporting all the issues we found directly to Essense, and luckily they told us that they are already trying to solve them. We will not go into detail on these issues, because we are talking about a prototype version, and we believe that most of these issues will be fixed in the final product.

The issues that we found are not a big deal, but we know if Essense improves these things the overall experience will be even better. We are very excited to see the final version of this product. It might be a good surprise for the coffee market!

Drip System

Final Thoughts

Currently, in the coffee market, there are many cold brew systems. However, the BRRREWER may bring something new to this market. We really can’t wait to have the opportunity to review the final product.

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