Maangchi: Korean Home Cooking At Its Best

Maangchi: Korean Home Cooking At Its Best
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
June 12, 2019

Maangchi: The Real Korean Home Cooking

For this week lifestyle article, we are back with another great Youtube Food Channel Article. This time we flew across the ocean to discover one of the best Korean food youtube channels. Korean home cooking is a comfort food unlike any in the world, and Maangchi, a Korean-born, NYC-based chef uses its YouTube channel to give an essential insight to its 3M+ subscribers into how to make beautiful and delicious Korean dishes.

Maangchi covers everything from essential BBQ staples and Japchae to favorites like Jjajangmyeon and, of course, Korean fried chicken. Her big personality and welcoming, even encouraging approach to often complex cooking tasks makes learning how to not only learn how to cook homestyle favorites but do it intuitively.

Maangchi’s Best Work On Social

Traditional Kimchi

Twisted Donuts

Korean Fried Chicken

From Video Games To Food Videos

Emily Kim is the person behind Maangchi. If you already saw at least one of his videos you will know how hard it’s to imagine Ms. Kim as a reclusive gamer. Maangchi, pronounced MAHNG-chee and meaning “hammer” in Korean, was the name of her online avatar, who specialized in destruction, wielding a huge scimitar and wearing a tiny miniskirt. During the years that she was addicted to online gaming, life for Emily began when she got home from work at 6 p.m. In 2003, divorced and with her two grown children out of the house, Ms. Kim ventured into the online role-playing battle game City of Heroes and couldn’t pull herself away.

But luckily for us and for all the foodies out there, in 2007 her children persuaded her to try a more nourishing form of Internet expression: cooking videos. So Maangchi decided to create a youtube channel here it shows us the real way to do Korean food. Now, she lives and shoots her videos in a compact apartment perched above the frenzy of Times Square.

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