Senzu Coffee Roasters: Grow Some Beans

Senzu Coffee Roasters: Grow Some Beans
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
October 30, 2019

Senzu Coffee Roasters | Specialty Coffee

Coffee is probably the topic with more articles on this website. We love to drink it and we love to write about it! This past year we wrote lots of articles related to coffee, from equipment reviews to the value chain of specialty coffees. But after an email from our community, we realized that we never had written an article about a coffee brand. So, to change that, in this week’s lifestyle article we decided to write about Senzu Coffee Roasters.

Senzu is a specialty coffee roasting company, located in our beloved city of Oporto. Inside a coffee shop, Bird of Passage, this roasting company opens its doors to anyone who wants to see how a coffee roasting company works.

senzu coffee roasters

A Family Tradition

Senzu is owned by our friend and partner Diogo Amorim, whose life always has been linked to coffee. Since he was born he was involved in the coffee world because of his father’s business. However, it was only after his Master in Economics and Coffee Science that he entered in the specialty coffee world.

Upon his returning, he decided to open his first roasting company of specialty coffees (Luso Coffee Roasters). The lack of high-quality coffee in Portugal was the major driver to open the business.

Luckily for all the coffee enthusiasts in the city, Amorim decided to open his coffee roasting to the public. This decision led not only to a new marketing strategy but also to the birth of Senzu Coffee Roasters.

senzu coffee roasters

Senzu Coffees

As coffee enthusiasts as we are, we are always seeking for the perfect cup of coffee. We already taste some of the best coffees in Oporto, and we can say sure, that Senzu produces one of our favorites. They sell specialty and Arabica coffees, that you can easily buy at Bird of Passage or at their website.

One of the things that we love in this company is that they are always trying to go further. They are constantly changing sources to offer a greater variety and knowledge of coffees to their customers. Here you can easily find coffees from all over the world, Colombia, Peru, Panama, El Salvador, and from many other places.

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