Sweet Love Cookbook Review

Sweet Love Cookbook Review
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
February 22, 2023

Sweet Love: Classic Baking with a Middle Eastern Accent

Time to get back to our weekly cookbook reviews with Sweet Love Cookbook.

Sweet Love is a delightful cookbook by Iman Osman that celebrates the fusion of traditional Middle Eastern flavors with classic baking techniques.

From decadent cakes and pastries to pies, the book offers many recipes that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Drawing on her Middle Eastern heritage and culinary expertise, Iman infuses each recipe with a unique blend of spices and ingredients that add a delicious twist to traditional desserts.

An Egyptian Baker

Iman Osman's baking journey began when she learned the art from her Egyptian Grandmother, and since then, she has remained committed to the idea that cooking and baking can bring families closer.

Her career started with a small bake shop where she sold freshly baked brownies and cookies. Today, she co-owns a business with her sister, which focuses on producing healthy breakfast cereals and baked goods for families prioritizing their health and safety.

Iman's passion for "made from scratch" baking is evident in Sweet Love and is the driving force behind her business philosophy. She believes in baking without additives or preservatives, sticking to the good old-fashioned way of producing fresh, delicious treats.

Hazelnut Biscotti

A Middle Eastern Accent

Sweet Love is divided into four sections based on the seasons, inspired by how Iman's mother described each recipe in connection to a particular season.

Each season has its unique charm and taste, and the ingredients used in each season are traditionally best suited for that time of the year. Sweet Love includes recipes for all four major seasons, with a section dedicated to basic recipes used repeatedly across the seasons.

There are also general tips for new bakers and variations for seasoned bakers to experiment with. To avoid confusion with conversions, Iman has included measurements in both grams and cups, which have been tested by hand and rounded for convenience.

Cream-Filled Kunafa

Final Thoughts

Sweet Love is a delightful cookbook that combines traditional Middle Eastern flavors with classic baking techniques. Iman Osman's unique and creative approach to baking is evident in each recipe, making this a solid choice for anyone looking to add some Middle Eastern flair to their baking.


Sweet Love is a heartful book that has the intention to revive bonding, love, appreciation, and connection throughout generations of families through the love of baking









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