Fable Home: What Your Meal Deserves

Fable Home: What Your Meal Deserves
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
October 2, 2019

Bring Joy to Every Meal

Nowadays there is a growing concern about what we eat and the origin of the products we eat. But there is one element almost as important as the food we eat, that we usually don’t pay any attention. We are talking about dinnerware, something indispensable in any meal! In order to try to change, in this lifestyle article, we will talk about Fable Home, a brand of tableware that everyone should know.

Fable Home has a simple, but humble mission – help you create the best possible moments at the dinner table. If we really think about this, they couldn’t choose a better mission. Some of the best moments in our lives are made at the dinner table, over shared food and shared stories. Think about Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving and all other amazing meals you have had throughout your life.

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Elegant and High-Quality Tableware

The team behind Fable created this brand with one thing in mind – spread joy. As they say “We started Fable to spread joy. Specifically, we want to bring joy to every meal.”. This statement may seem too ambitious, but the fact is that this brand has a solid strategy to support it.

For the Fable Home team, memorable moments around a dinner table, are not only created through food but also by sharing stories. Of course, none of this can take place without tableware. After looking deeper into the market, they noticed that the tableware options were all too boring, too expensive, or too poorly made.

So, they decided to create an elegant and high-quality product that perfectly suits these memorable moments that we like so much.

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Fable Home Go Beyond Tableware

Fable Home is far from being a traditional brand of tableware. In our opinion, there are a few characteristics that separate this brand from the rest of the market!

As we already told you this brand wants to bring the joy of shared meals to everyone, but not just those who can buy their products. The idea behind this is that everyone deserves to have these special moments. So, each time someone buys a product from Fable Home, they provide a meal to someone in need.

They could have stooped here, but no, they wanted to go even further! With tradition and sustainability in mind, all the products are produced using materials that are sustainably and locally sourced by Portuguese artisans that pair ethical practices with a history of ceramic artistry.

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Tableware That Lasts a Lifetime

With simplicity at the center of Fable Home, this brand decided to cut out the middleman, passing the saving to the consumer. This means that they can deliver gorgeous cutlery, tableware, and glassware for an affordable price. But even so, if you are not sure if you will like the products, you can try them for 100 days and if you are not in love, you can send them back.

Another feature that we love in this brand is the lifetime guarantee. We all know the filling of breaking a plate and ruin an entire set. With Fable Home the ends here, with their lifetime guarantee, if you break or crack a plate they will send you another one to make your set whole again for only the price of cost.

Last but not least, all the ceramics are customizable which means that you can have your own set of dinnerware. For us, this is another awesome selling point of this brand. There is nothing better than passing your favorite set of dinnerware from generation to generation.

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Looking Forward to Use Fable Home Tableware

For all the things we have told you, we couldn’t be more excited to be one of the first that will have the opportunity to try this tableware. If you want to join us and be one of the first to have this tableware, you can go to Fable Website and pre-order your own and unique tableware.

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