Joshua Weissman Youtube Channel

Joshua Weissman Youtube Channel
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
December 2, 2020

Joshua Weissman: Slim Palate Boy

It has been a long time since we brought you a Youtube Food Channel article. As you know, nowadays we have so good content on Youtube that it is difficult to choose which channel we should talk about. It wasn't easy, but we finally managed to make a choice! So, without further-ado let's talk about Joshua Weissman Youtube channel.

Joshua Weissman is a 24-year-old cook that was born and raised in Los Angeles, California; currently in Austin Texas. Joshua recently hit the 3 million subscribers mark on Youtube and after you saw his videos you'll instantly understand why. The content of his channel is without any doubt one of the best food contents you will find on Youtube. We follow Joshua's channel long before we hit the 1 million mark, and we can say for sure that his content is only getting better and better.

Joshua produces a wide range of delicious and mouthwatering videos that always make you want to come back. You will learn to make bread at home, make your own spices, or even sharpening your knives. He has now a bunch of new cool mini-series, But Better and But Cheap, that will attach you to the screen. If you want to know a fun and nice guy that really knows what is doing, you should definitely take a look at Joshua's videos.

Next, you will find 3 videos that represent everything we love in Joshua Weissman Youtube channel.

Making The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich At Home, But Better

How to Make Perfect Beef Wellington

Recreating Levain Chocolate Chip Cookies Feat. Binging with Babish

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