YesChef: The World's Best Chefs Teach Home Cooking

YesChef: The World's Best Chefs Teach Home Cooking
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
August 26, 2020

YesChef: Online Cooking Classes

We all know that the internet is bursting with its endless food content. Nowadays you can easily find tons of food YouTube channels, online food magazines, food blogs, and even online cooking classes. But although there is a lot of content, it is not always easy to find good content. This is why we are always looking for the best content to bring you — from our favorite Youtube Channels to amazing leaning platforms like MasterClass.

Continuing with our quest for good content, we decided to share with you a very recent online project called YesChef. Over the past few weeks, we have been exploring this learning platform that promises to deliver an ever-growing library of exclusive video cooking classes taught by the world’s greatest chefs.

YesChef Platform

YesChef is a new online platform that offers cinematic, story-driven classes that take viewers on a journey, culminating in hands-on teachings from each chef in their own home kitchens.

Featuring stunning, cinematic production value, documentary-style storytelling, and cooking-centric user experience, YesChef doesn’t feel like an educational platform, and that’s the point. Each class is a culinary journey led by a master chef, designed to draw viewers into their world, inspire them through storytelling, and, ultimately, lead them back to their own home kitchens where they can apply the techniques, secrets, and recipes of the world’s best.

Each class is nearly five hours of exclusive video that is shot in beautiful 4K. Featuring both an inspirational story and hands-on teaching, it is designed to lead the student from their couch to the kitchen.

YesChef: Online Cooking Classes

The Netflix of Cooking

With global chef recruiting underway and an ambitious growth strategy in place, YesChef intends to become the “Netflix of cooking”, offering an all-access subscription to an ever-growing, ever-green library of video cooking classes taught by the most important names in culinary today, and delivered through an immersive, interactive, and guided home cooking experience.

Since YesChef’s December 2019 pre-launch, a stronger-than-ever global demand has accelerated sales and attracted top-tier talent to the platform. That early success has allowed YesChef to grow quickly and expand its internal operations across six countries. More than ever before, there is an obvious global appetite for an experience that lets you learn how to cook as you travel the world from the comfort of your own home.

YesChef: Online Cooking Classes

Designed to Educate

The emergence and subsequent success of programs like Chef’s Table, Parts Unknown, and Ugly Delicious, showed the broad appeal in culinary storytelling. But these shows weren’t designed to educate, and the format leaves home cooks hanging with no practical way of acting on their inspiration. YesChef uses the tool of aspirational storytelling, but as a means to motivate viewers to get in the kitchen themselves.

Unlike other educational video platforms on the market, YesChef is singularly focused on building a food education experience created by cooking enthusiasts, technologists, storytellers, designers, and filmmakers. Alluringly shot, scored, and produced, YesChef classes convey the beauty of food and the deep pleasure that can be taken in its preparation.

To the relief of participating chefs, there is nothing stiff or formulaic about YesChef’s content. Even the hands-on tutorials have a relaxed, fun, and real-time quality that feels authentic to anyone who’s spent time in a kitchen. Chefs are often joined by a companion - a partner, friend, or fellow chef - to create a dynamic that mirrors the everyday experience of cooking with loved ones.

YesChef: Online Cooking Classes

Our First Impressions

As we said at the beginning of this article we have been exploring the YesChef platform over the past few weeks. Although it is still at the beginning, the content already available is, without any doubt one of the best food content available on the internet.

At this moment you have two classes available, one from Edward Lee, James Beard Award 's Best Chefs, and the other from Nancy Silverton James Beard Award 's Outstanding Chef, 2014, that we already watched and loved.

In the future will be added other classes featuring other award-winning chefs like Sean Brock, Francis Mallmann, Kwame Onwuachi, and many more. With so many great chefs we can't wait to see what YesChef has been preparing for all of us!

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