Breakfast: The Cookbook Review

Breakfast: The Cookbook Review
September 23, 2019

The Most Important Meal of The Day

Breakfast is the most important and comforting meal of the day. But sometimes, in our busy lives, it is difficult to always make a healthy and delicious breakfast. Sometimes we don’t have time, and sometimes we don’t what to cook. To solving this “world problem” we team up with our friends at Phaidon to bring you the Breakfast The Cookbook review, so you don’t leave your house in the morning without an awesome breakfast.

Breakfast: The Cookbook puts together a collection of hundreds of home-cooking morning meals from all over the world. In this book, Emily Elyse Miller, founder of The Breakfast Club, recognizes the rise of breakfast cuisine, with an authoritative of delicious and accessible recipes. All dishes are traditional and authentic offerings, celebrating a diverse array of morning meals from 80 countries around the world.

breakfast the cookbook review
Breakfast: The Cookbook

An Incredible Collection of Recipes

For us, breakfast is by far our favorite meal of the day! Over the years, breakfast has evolved from a basic necessity, into an area of exceptional culinary innovation. Who doesn’t love to start the day with an amazing meal with fresh bread, natural juice, some bacon, and of course a great cup of coffee?

Breakfast has become so popular, that nowadays, is possible to have all-day breakfast – known as Brunch. Breakfast: The Cookbook comes as an answer to the increasing popularity of breakfasts and brunches. With chapters dedicated to yogurts and cheeses, pancakes, breads, cakes, and much more, this book is a tribute to these meals.

Breakfast: The Cookbook is an incredible collection of recipes, that will take you on a journey around the world. Where you will find dishes from every corner of the globe, including familiar favorites like Huevos Rancheros, Granola Shakshuka, Cardamom Buns, and a Full English Breakfast to lesser-known specialities like Chinese Pineapple Buns, Mayalsian Roti Prata, Jamaican Green Banana Porridge, Icelandic Skyr, South Indian Dosa and Bolivian Empanadas.

The diversity and quantity of recipes were the two things that surprised us the most in this book. Whether it’s sweet or not, classic or regional, you will find it here.

breakfast the cookbook review
Cookbook Content

A Book for Everyone

The best thing about this book is that everyone can have a lot of fun with it. Although there are some ingredients that may be difficult to find, each recipe is accessible and straightforward, with notes offering cultural context and culinary insight. In this book, you will also have great photos that will work as a visual reference of the dishes or simply inspire you to make your own recipes. The only downside is that not all the recipes have photos, which in some cases a visual reference would be helpful.

This may be a book that you not use every day, but is definitely a book that you will always want to have around when it is time to make a delicious breakfast.

At The End of Breakfast The Cookbook Review

Breakfast: The Cookbook is a must-have for any breakfast lover wishing to broaden the horizons of their morning food rituals. Packed with amazing recipes from all over the world, this cookbook is a wonderful tribute to the most important meal of the day! If you’re sick of eating the same breakfast every day, this is the perfect book for you.


Breakfast: The Cookbook has everything you possibly need to make a delicious breakfast. With recipes from all the corners of the globe, this is a cookbook that should be in every home kitchen in the world.









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