Dinner Then Dessert Cookbook Review

Dinner Then Dessert Cookbook Review
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
December 6, 2021

Dinner Then Dessert: Satisfying Meals Using Only 3, 5, or 7 Ingredients

After last week's focus on a restaurant cookbook, today we return to the comfort of home cooking with the delicious Dinner Then Dessert cookbook.

“How do you make interesting and tasty meals for every member of the family?”

That question inspired former private chef and mom Sabrina Snyder to post practical, reliable, and taste-tested recipes to the website she created, Dinner Then Dessert. Five years later, her website is one of the biggest food sites in America with millions of monthly views and more than 900,000 followers on social media. Incredibly, Sabrina’s famous Philly Cheese Steak recipe, which she posted the day before the Super Bowl, racked up 45,000 hits within the first five minutes!

Now, in Dinner Then Dessert cookbook, Sabrina has selected some her favorite dishes from her vast trove of recipes, along with new fare to help cooks of all levels get great meals on the table every member of the family will love. Sabrina knows that cooking delicious meals day after day can be a challenge, even for professional chefs. Add in picky eaters, dietary restrictions, a busy schedule, and children, and it feels easier to order take out. But cooking at home doesn’t have to be difficult or boring. Inside Dinner Then Dessert cookbook you’ll find flexible fail-safe recipes; 3, 5, and 7 ingredient meals; skillet dinners; classic side dishes, slow-cooker recipes, irresistible desserts, and more.

Dinner then Dessert Cookbook

Cook From Your Pantry

As you go through this book, is notorious that at its core, the book is intended to inspire and teach people to stock and cook from their pantry. Sabrina devoted the first part of Dinner Then Dessert cookbook to listening and describing the ingredients that she uses most often. Along with shelf-stable pantry items are perishable items - meat and poultry, seafood, dairy, and fruits and vegetables.

Part two of the book is broken down into three chapters on dinners, plus one on desserts, organized by the number of basic ingredients each recipe requires - 3, 5, or 7. These numbers don't include oil, butter, or salt, and pepper.

Within each chapter, the recipes are organized according to the most common and stress-free cooking methods: quick cooking on the stovetop, longer braising or using the slow-cooker, and baking. At the end of each section are easy side dishes that can be mixed and matched with other recipes in the book.

Dinner then Dessert Cookbook
Curry and Coconut Rice Casserole. Photography by Colin Price (p. 164)

Home Cooking for All Skill Levels

In Dinner Then Dessert cookbook you'll learn how to make easy, practical, mouth-watering meals featuring over 100 full-color photos from the genius chef behind the very successful, no-nonsense food website Dinner Then Dessert.

In this book you'll find plenty of delicious recipes including Sausage and Fennel Pasta, Salmon with Plum Sauce; Garlic Honey Chicken; Steak and Potato Hash; and much, much more. Serve them up with tasty sides, including easy Mexican Rice and Rotisserie Chicken Potatoes, as well as flavorful desserts such as Nutella Brownies and Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart. Like in Dinner Then Dessert website, all the recipes in this book have easy-to-follow directions that teach you how to cook each recipe to match your skill level, variations of recipes made with ingredients you have on-hand, and advice on the best ingredients to stock your fridge and pantry.

Almost every recipe in the book has a substitution chart, which is incredibly helpful. Don't have shrimp? Use chicken. Hate the taste of cumin? Use Rosemary. The recipes are meant to be guides, not written law, and thanks to these charts you'll see how easily swaps can be.

Dinner then Dessert Cookbook
Peanut Butter Muffins. Photography by Colin Price (p. 190)

Final Thoughts

In Dinner Then Dessert cookbook Sabrina puts together a delicious repertoire of recipes that will suit cooks of all levels. The fans of Sabrina's website will love this cookbook, not only because it has some of her favorite recipes, but because it also has a new set of recipes that never made it to her website. In the end, Dinner Then Dessert is a good book for all those who want to have a good time in the kitchen without the worry of encountering obstacles along the way.


Dinner Then Dessert Cookbook is a resourceful guide that will lead everyone to create satisfying home-cooked meals. This is a book that will show that recipes are meant to be guides, and not written laws.









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