Fire to Fork Cookbook Review

Fire to Fork Cookbook Review
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
July 18, 2022

Fire to Fork Adventure Cooking Book

In this week's cookbook review, we decided to bring something different than usual. Although we are big fans of outdoor cooking, we never reviewed a book dedicated to outdoor / adventure cooking. This change today with the Fire to Fork Cookbook review.

From the pindan red beaches of the Kimberley's west coast, Harry Fisher has been steadily cementing his reputation with a pair of tongs around the campfire. Combining his passion for the Aussie bush and great food, he's made it his mission to prove that camp cooking doesn't have to be dull cooking.

Fire to Fork Cookbook

For the Outdoor Enthusiasts

Harry's campfire cooking and distinct recipe approach is simple and summed by his personal brand - Fire To Fork. His meals are simple enough for any enthusiastic bush cook to prepare, but his focus on fewer, but higher quality ingredients and techniques sets him apart in the camp cooking world.

Harry is also known for his youtube, which has amassed viewers around the world. As a result, Harry became the most popular authority on bush cooking; not just in Australia but everywhere, good food and campfires are combined.

Now, he's putting all that passion into his first Fire to Fork cookbook. In the book, Harry feature over 60 of his own recipes, including favorites from his YouTube series plus plenty of new, unpublished feeds.

Throughout the book, Harry will be sharing his knowledge on fire preparation, essential tools of the camp kitchen and tips on stocking the pantry for time away from civilization.

Fire to Fork Cookbook
Burguer Basics. Phtography by Harry Fisher (p. 78)

All You Need to Know About Adventure Cooking

Although Fire to Fork it's not a massive cookbook, with just over 170 pages, it has everything you would expect from an adventure cooking cookbook.

For years we have been searching for a book like this one, a book with campfire cooking ideas that feel like actual real food. We could agree more with Harry when he says, "For years I would sift through blogs, recipe books, YouTube videos and magazines looking for campfire cooking ideas and I was constantly met with the same sorts of things; hipsters cooking on fire but buying their ingredients in Narnia, or celebrity presenters making variations of the same pre-packaged, bland camp meals"

All of the recipes in this book follow five simple rules: they only use ingredients you can buy from a butcher and supermarket; all ingredients are easy to travel with; they are ideal for short getaways or three-week desert trips; they require a minimum of vessels possible; everything is cooked on fire (except for a couple of cocktails and some sides).

From simple sides like Cold-Oil Chips or Flatbread to more complex recipes such as Camp Oven Bush Ribs or Whole Fried Fish, there is something for everyone. If you are just starting your trips or are already an adventure cooking enthusiast, you'll definitely find something you'll love in this book.

Fire to Fork Cookbook
Chili Mud Crab. Photography by Harry Fisher (p. 138)

Final thoughts

Fire to Fork is not a book for everyone, but believe us when we say that you'll love this book if you are a fan of adventure cooking or cooking with a live fire. Harry has done a fantastic job compelling his vast experience in a book you can take with you on your next camping adventure.

More than recipes, Harry shares all the things you need to know if you want to have fun cooking outdoors. And don't forget that cooking outdoors with live fire is far from being as easy as cooking in a kitchen, so don't stress out if you don't nail every recipe on the first try.


Fire to Fork is a fun and adventurous cookbook that will make you pack up your things and go out to explore nature while enjoying delicious meals.









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