Fish Butchery Cookbook Review

Fish Butchery Cookbook Review
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
December 27, 2023

Fish Butchery: Mastering The Catch, Cut, And Craft

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Fish Butchery, the newest cookbook from Josh Niland, is a revolutionary manifesto in the culinary world of seafood. Building on his previous successes, The Whole Fish Cookbook and Take One FishJosh, a James Beard award-winning author, takes us deeper into the art of fish butchery, presenting a compelling case for culinary sustainability.

Fish Butchery Cookbook

Catch, Cut, and Craft

As the book's title suggests, it's divided into three captivating sections: Catch, Cut, and Craft. Each section meticulously guides the reader through the journey of understanding and appreciating fish as a culinary delight.

Josh's expertise shines in the 'Cut' section, where he introduces techniques like reverse butterfly and double saddle, transforming how we perceive fish preparation.

The 'Craft' section is particularly enthralling, featuring over 40 innovative recipes. From humble fish sticks to elaborate pies and even fish-based sausage and chorizo, Josh's creativity knows no bounds. His approach is not just about cooking; it's about respecting and maximizing every part of the fish, challenging the status quo of seafood consumption and waste.

Fish Butchery Cookbook
Frankurts. Photography by Rob Palmer (p. 184)

For a More Sustainable Future

Like in its predecessors, Josh's writing is clear, engaging, and informative, making Fish Butchery accessible to both professionals and home cooks. His passion for sustainable seafood practices is evident on every page, making this book as much an educational read as it is a culinary guide.

Josh's multi-award-winning debut The Whole Fish Cookbook, created a new blueprint for fish cookery, while its bestselling sequel, Take One Fish, unpacked 15 different species to reveal their true gastronomic potential. In this latest book, Josh continues to open our eyes to the potential of fish in the kitchen. 

Fish Butchery is beautifully presented, with stunning photography that complements the recipes and techniques. The layout is user-friendly, making it easy to follow the detailed instructions and recipes.

Fish Butchery Cookbook
Pâté en Croûte. Photography by Rob Palmer (p. 209)

Final Thoughts

Josh's Fish Butchery cookbook is a transformative journey into the world of seafood. With its innovative techniques and sustainable approach, this book is a treasure trove for chefs and home cooks alike. Josh's passion and expertise in fish butchery are evident, making this book a pivotal resource in the culinary arts. It's an essential read for anyone looking to explore the depths of seafood cuisine while embracing environmental responsibility.


Fish Butchery by Josh Niland is a groundbreaking work that will undoubtedly influence the future of fish cookery. It's a must-read for anyone passionate about seafood, sustainability, and culinary innovation. Josh has once again proven his kitchen prowess and commitment to changing how we think about and prepare fish.









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