Goat Story Cold Brew Kit Review

Goat Story Cold Brew Kit Review
December 26, 2019

Soak, Wait, Enjoy.

Now that Christmas is gone is time to start looking for some new cool products. For this week’s equipment review, we decided to team up again with the guys from abcoffee to bring you the Goat Story Cold Brew Kit.

Cold brew coffee is nowadays a big trend in all specialty coffee shops around the world. Unfortunately, it can get pretty expensive, and some times tricky to make it at home, if you don’t have the right equipment.

The Goat Story Cold Brew Kit solves these two problems! With just a few steps you will be able to produce a good cup of cold brew coffee at the comfort of your home. And the best thing is that you only need water and little patience!

goat story cold brew kit
Goat Story Cold Brew Kit

How To Use It

If you are looking for the easiest way to make cold brew coffee at home, this kit has what you are looking for. We’ve been testing all kinds of cold brew systems, and we haven’t found one that’s easier to use than this one.

The Goat Story team has managed to create a way of producing a good cold brew coffee in just 4 steps:

Remove the lid and place a coffee bag inside the jar.
Pour 500 ml of cold water over the coffee bag.
Cover, and wait until de extraction is at a desirable level (max 24h).
Enjoy, your cold brew is ready!

After Using the Goat Story Cold Brew Kit

We have been using this kit over the past months and we are happy with its performance. We had the opportunity to taste the two types of coffee that Goat Story sells with this kit, and they are better than most coffees produced by big companies.

Every kit consists of a beautifully designed cold brew glass with an airtight cover, and 3 sealed filter packs of freshly ground seasonal specialty coffee. When you buy this kit you can choose between a juicy, fruity and clean washed Ethiopia Suke Quto, or a smooth chocolaty and fuller-bodied washed Brazil Espirito Santo Village Product.

Although we love the design of this kit, we hate how easy it is to cover all the glass with fingerprints. Even with super clean hands, you will stain the glass every time you touch it. We know that this wants affects the quality of the coffee, but it is something that affects the overall experience.

Sustainability and Versatility

One of the things that makes this kit so easier to use is the discardable ground coffee bags. But in a world where sustainability should be a priority, we would like to see reusable bags rather than discardable ones.

In our opinion, the reusable bags would work better in this kit. Not only would it be better for the planet, but also for the user experience. With reusable bags, you could make minor to major tweaks in your cold brew coffee. Something that is not possible at this moment since you are buying pre grounded coffee bags.

Another advantage of using reusable bags is the ability to use your favorite coffee brand. This way we would not be limited to two types of coffee, witch for true coffee enthusiasts could be a huge disadvantage.

goat story cold brew kit
40 g Ground Coffee Bags

At The End of Goat Story Cold Brew Kit Review

The Goat Story Cold Brew Kit is by far the easiest way of cold brew coffee that we ever tried. Despite having some features we don’t like, it is a good product that will certainly please some coffee lovers. If you are looking for a product that consistently produces good cold brew coffee without you having to do much, besides adding water, this is the right equipment for you.


The Goat Story Cold Brew Kit allows anyone to make a good cold brew coffee at home. If you want to explore the world of cold brew coffee this is one of the easiest ways to do it.


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Built Quality



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