KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer Review

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer Review
December 21, 2018

Our Favorite Stand Mixer Brand

If you ever ask someone who likes to cook what was their first kitchen equipment, the most probable answer will be a stand mixer. This equipment can easily be one of the most exciting purchases you ever make for your kitchen, especially if you bake a lot. But with such a vast market pick the right one for your needs can be difficult. Due to this problem, we decided to review our favorite stand mixer, the KitchenAid Artisan.

Buying a piece of equipment like this is a great investment. Before you take the final decision, you really want to make sure that you have space, money, and need for a machine like this. If you choose wisely and best buy the best stand mixer that you can afford, this small appliance can last you decades.

Some KitchenAid models have attachments that you can purchase, ranging from meat grinder to ice cream makers. With a stand mixer like this, your cooking possibilities will increase drastically, making you a real top chef.

kitchenaid stand mixer
KitchenAid Stand Mixer – Blue Willow

Buil To Last

Our favorite characteristic of KitchenAid is the build quality, they are incredibly well made. More important than the specs of a machine is the efficiency of its motor, how much torque it exerts, and how well aligned its bowl and attachments are. Things you won’t see printed on the box because they can’t be measured. And in these points, KitchenAid completely overwhelms the competition.

The only way to fell these “immeasurable” qualities is through the use of the equipment. And after many tests and years of experience, we can say for sure that the KitchenAid stand mixer is by far our favorite stand mixer brand. They build incredible machines, that suits everyone needs. If you are a light user, you have the Artisan Mini (entry level), but if want to go a step further, you have the iconic Artisan model. Or maybe you are a professional, don’t worry, KitchenAid has also a line especially for you.

Product Information

Technical Specification

Product dimensions: 14.1 x 8.7 x 13.9 inches / 35.8 x 22 x 35.3 cm
Item Weight: 26 pounds / 11.8 Kg;
Power: 325 watts;
Material Type: stainless steel;
Shipping Weight: 26.5 pounds / 12 Kg;
Manufacturer: Kitchenaid Inc.

kitchenaid stand mixer
KitchenAid Stand Mixer – Onyx Black

The Artisan Model

Now that you know a little more of stand mixers and KitchenAid brand its time to start writing this review. For us, the KitchenAid Artisan is the best model for home use.

With a capacity of 5 quarts  (4.7 liters), it can mix a couple of batches of cookies, knead a loaf or two of bread, or throw together a birthday cake. We almost guarantee you that with this capacity you can do everything you want. You can think that bigger is better, but this is not necessarily true.  Larger mixers actually give you more space than you’ll probably need and can limit your mixer’s ability. For example, with small batches, their attachments don’t come as close to the sides of the bowl, leaving some ingredients untouched.

A tilt-head is another awesome feature. As the name suggests, tilt-head mixers have a head that you tilt backwards for access to the bowl and mixing attachments. This characteristic makes the mixer smaller, lighter, and less noisy than the bowl-lift mixer (professional line). Despite being small, the Artisan model is strong enough for occasional hard jobs, like kneading tough doughs.

kitchenaid stand mixer
KitchenAid Artisan Design – Candy Apple Red

More Than A Stand Mixer

Another awesome characteristic of this mixer is the well-fitting attachments. This feature allows you to take a simple baking tool to an indispensable kitchen appliance, capable of preparing anything from ice cream to ground meat. With more than 50 attachments, the possibilities are practically infinite. And of course, we can’t talk about KitchenAid without talking is incredible design. A piece of equipment that suits perfectly in the most modern kitchens, more than a stand mixer is a piece of art.

Ant the end, KitchenAid Artisan, is an incredible equipment that offers you endless possibilities. More than a stand mixer, this equipment is an indispensable kitchen appliance which will make the delights of any kitchen lover.


KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer is more than a baking tool, instead is an indispensable kitchen appliance that offers you endless possibilities for your home cooking. This is by far our go-to stand mixer machine.


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