OXO Good Grips Food Scale Review

OXO Good Grips Food Scale Review
September 6, 2019

Oxo Good Grips Food Scale 1130800

We already wrote many equipment reviews, but we have been missing out one of the most important kitchen equipment you can have. We’re talking about kitchen scales, a piece of equipment built with consistency in mind. According to Alton Brown, 1 cup of flour can equal anywhere from 4 to 6 ounces, depending on how you measure it, how old the flour is, the size of the bag, and the relative humidity. That’s the difference between a light-as-air cake and one that’s tough or rubbery. To avoid this problem we decided to start a new series related to digital Scales. For our first article, we decided to bring you the OXO Good Grips Food Scale Review.

If you want more consistent results in your baking goodies, or on your cooking, you should consider getting a scale. Cheap digital scales ($15 – $20) can be very accurate, if they offer an on/off button and a tare feature they are good to go. Of course if you send a little more ($35 – 50), you will have more features, such as backlit screen, a pull-out display, or the ability to weigh in baker’s percentages.

For weighing very small amounts very precisely, such as espresso or spices, you’ll want to invest in a more sensitive digital pocket scale. Whereas the average kitchen scale rounds to the whole gram, pocket scales typically weigh in increments of 0.1 grams, or even in miligrams.

OXO good grips food scale review
OXO Good Grips Food Scale – Pull Out Display

Measure Everything With Great Precision

The Oxo Good Grips Food Scale with Pull-Out Display is ideal for weighing ingredients. The easy-to-read digital display features large numbers and measures in 1/8-ounce (US) and 1-gram (metric) increments for exceptional accuracy. The digital display easily pulls away from the base to prevent shadowing from large plates or bowls. An optional backlight illuminates the display for extra visibility and a convenient weight indicator shows how much of the 11-lb capacity is left.

Press the Zero button to offset the weight of a container or to reset the weight before adding additional ingredients. The Scale’s stainless steel platform can be removed for quick handwashing and thin profile and cordless design ensure easy setup, cleanup, and storage. Intended for cooking, baking, diet portion measurement and more, the OXO Good Grips Food Scale with Pull-Out Display is highly recommended by Cook’s Illustrated.

Our Experience With The Oxo Good Grips Scale

Using this scale is pretty straightforward and intuitive, is easy to read, due to the large display, and the backlight gives you even more clarity. One of the things we really like about this scale is the removable display. This is great to avoid shadow over the numbers when using large bowls or trays. The slim design of this scale is another thing that we liked because it suits perfectly in tight spaces. Despite being a scale with high weighing capacity, it fits perfectly in small kitchens.

But like in every equipment there are always things that we don’t like. For example, this scale displays weights as fractions instead of decimals, which is not very common. This may cause confusion or create extra work if you have recipes that list decimals measurements instead of fractions. Another problem that we found out on this scale, is that the display tends to take considerable time before it reflects the increased weight. This is not a huge deal, but sometime this could be really annoying, especially for bakers.

OXO good grips food scale review
OXO Good Grips Food Scale

Product Information

Technical Specification

Product dimensions: 11.2 x 8.6 x 2.1 inches / 28.4 x 21.8 x 5.3 cm
Item Weight: 2.5 pounds / 1.1 Kg
shipping weight: 2.6 pounds / 1.2 kg
Item model number: 1130800
Capacity: 11 lbs (5 kg)
Precision: 1g increment
Main Body Material: Stainless Steel
Units of Measure: Grams, Pounds, Ounces, Kilograms
Batteries: 4 AAA

At The End Of OXO Good Grips Food Scale Review

After many hours using the Oxo Good Grips Food Scale 1130800, we had a good overall. Although we found some cons, which is normal in every equipment, they are easily overcome by the pros. If you are on the market, looking for a new digital scale, you should consider taking a look at this scale.


The OXO Good Grips Food Scale is a good option that combines a practical design with a reasonable price.






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