Septime Cookbook Review

Septime Cookbook Review
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
February 14, 2022

Septime, La Cave, Clamato, D'une île Cookbook

Continuing with our series of reviews dedicated to Phaidon's cookbooks, we decided to share another restaurant cookbook review, this time the Septime cookbook.

This much-anticipated publication celebrates ten years of chef Bertrand Grébaut and his partner Théophile Pourriat's inspiring success story.

A reflection of their cuisine and spirit, the book explores how they have shitted French cuisine away from ceremonial haute cuisine, bringing an air of simplicity and modernity to it. They've done so not only in their much-praised Parisian restaurant, Septime, but also in their three other locations, which act as complementary playgrounds for their creativity: La Cave, Clamato, and D'une île.

Septime Cookbook

Everyday life of Bertrand and Théophile

Septime cookbook explores the everyday life of Bertrand and Théophile and their restaurants - their friendship and inspiration, along with their passion for natural wines, sustainability, preserving, and seasonality.

At the age of 30, Bertrand and Théophile decided to open Septime in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Their ambition: to build a space they had not experienced anywhere else in Paris, liberated and unpretentious, "a place with first-class cuisine, a beautiful setting, friendly service and a list of natural wines that we love."

With Théophile's experience working in authentic and tastefully decorated Italian restaurants, and Bertrand's time in some of France's most prestigious restaurants, Septime opened its doors in 2011.

Ten years and a Michelin star later, Septime has become a global destination for food lovers wanting to experience the inviting bistro atmosphere: a mix of modern and rustic styles with industrial-style glass partitions and rough wooden tables.

Septime was soon followed by the opening of three other venues, each with its own identity: La Cave, an intimate wine bar specializing in natural wines; Clamato, where families and groups of friends feast on fish and seafood; and finally, the charming guesthouse D'une île, a magnificent farm set deep in the Perche countryside outside Paris.

Septime Cookbook

Multicolored tomato salad with cucumber-lovage jelly and herboil. Photography by Alexandre Guirkinger (p. 137)

Respect for Produces and Nature

Focus on vegetables and micro-seasonality and respect for produces and natures is the centre of Septime La Cave Clamato D'une île cookbook.

Through the book, you'll have 50 recipes that allow home cooks and chefs alike to experience contemporary Parisian perfection. Dishes include Egg mayonnaise with Aquitaine caviar; White onion Tarte Tatin with mustard seeds; Multicoloured tomato salad, and more.

Unlike the more traditional restaurants cookbooks, Septime cookbook allow home cooks to replicate some of its recipes.

As we said, the book is arranged to explore the everyday life of the restaurants. It includes photo diaries of meetings with local producers, fishermen, and winemakers throughout France. Chapters introduce each restaurant and the principles that bind the group together.

The book guides you through biodynamic principles and features a chapter on wine pairings, which are linked to the color of the dishes and their taste.

Last but not least, one thing that we find very interesting about this book is that each element of the book is captured by stunning analog photography taken by Alexandre Guirkinger.

Septime Cookbook

Almond tart with berries and garden flowers. Photography by Alexandre Guirkinger (p. 229)

Final Thoughts

Septime La Cave Clamato D'une île is another fantastic restaurant cookbook from Phaidon.

Through its pages, text, recipes, and photographs, you will find the story of both creativity and success and ten years of trial, error, and questioning of the duo behind one of the most acclaimed restaurant collections in France.

The book speaks of ten years of friendship between Bertrand and Théophile and meeting with the many producers, winemakers, fishermen, and patrons they encounter daily.

Septime La Cave Clamato D'une île is an evocative, intimate food monograph that will delight any restaurant cookbook enthusiast.


More than a fantastic cookbook, Septime La Cave Clamato D'une île is an invitation to the young generation to make an important choice: that of cherishing our precious food industries.









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