Soul Cookbook Review

Soul Cookbook Review
December 24, 2018

Soul: A Chef’s Culinary Evolution in 150 Recipes

The end of the year is almost here, but we still have time for more cookbooks reviews. This time we bring you something different than usual. Soul Cookbook is incredible work from the two-time James Beard Award-nominated Chef Todd Richards. A book that will change forever your perspective of soul food.

Born in Chicago and based in Atlanta, Richards has dedicated much of his life to bucking the stereotypes that often surround black chefs. In his first cookbook, he will share recipes like Fried Lamb Steak or Blueberry-Sweet Tea-Brined Chicken that will take soul food to another different level. The message in this book is simple “cooks can honor tradition yet be liberated to explore.”

Soul Cookbook

Personal Culinary Exploration Of Soul Food

Todd Richards celebrates the restorative wonders of the classic soul food, but he doesn’t have afraid of building a new interpretation upon the foundational recipe. Page after page, in more than 150 recipes Richards illustrate the diversity of African American cuisine. Interspersed with history lessons and influential anecdotes from his past.

The dishes in the book, are gorgeously photographed and loosely divided by ingredient, range from hot water cornbread to grilled sea urchin, peach salad to lamb meatball skewers with fig yogurt sauce. It may sound like a chaotic blend, but Richards makes it personal and thereby makes it work. Each chapter begins with a traditional dish, then progresses into different flavor combinations and techniques.

In this cookbook, you will also have pairing drinks and notes for other serving suggestions. And in addition to this, you will also have sample menus sprinkled throughout the book for parties and special occasions. Some of the recipes can become a little bit involved, especially for the home cooks. However, there are also easy recipes for everyday meals.

Soul Cookbook

All About Good Food

For us, this book is all about unique food combinations that only a brilliant chef like Todd Richards can put together. Candied bacon with turnip hash, Tomato granita with horseradish and oyster or Fried green tomatillos with ancho chile bbq sauce are some of the amazing recipes that you have in this book.

If you are really interested in learning more about soul food this is the book for you. In the end, Soul Cookbook is an honest story about family, history and hard work. A book that will inspire the next generation of cooks.


Soul Cookbook will change forever your perspective about soul food. More than a cookbook is a true story about family and hard work that will leave anyone in love with this book.









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