The Recipe Cookbook Review

The Recipe Cookbook Review
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
August 21, 2023

The Recipe: Classic Dishes for the Home Cook from the World's Best Chefs

In all the years we have been reviewing cookbooks, few hold the power to bridge the gap between professional expertise and home-cooked delight, quite like The Recipe by Josh Emett.

Embarking on a culinary odyssey, Josh, an internationally acclaimed chef, curates a treasure trove of over three hundred timeless and contemporary recipes meticulously handpicked from the annals of gastronomy's last fifty years.

This tome of culinary mastery is the ultimate companion for those seeking to evoke the world's most beloved flavors within their very own kitchen.

The Recipe

The World's Best Chef in Your Kitchen 

Each recipe within The Recipe is a testament to culinary artistry, showcasing the creative prowess of one hundred and fifty of the world's finest chefs and cooks. From the enthusiastic Elena and Juan Mari Arzak to the innovative David Chang, a symphony of global culinary giants harmonizes to offer a collection that spans continents, cultures, and cuisines. 

The pages come alive with dishes that have graced the humblest family tables and the grandest dining establishments. The heart of this culinary anthology beats within nine distinct sections, each an invitation to explore the building blocks of culinary excellence. 

From staples that form the backbone of gastronomy to the poetic dance of proteins and the enchantment of desserts, The Recipe navigates the culinary universe with unparalleled grace. 

Josh's voice, a guiding beacon, accompanies each recipe, offering not just instructions but also the wisdom of his personal journey through these dishes. With an artful blend of fundamental knowledge, tips, and complementary pairings, his presence adds a layer of intimacy, making each culinary endeavor a shared experience.

The Recipe
Grilled Scallops with Sweet Chilli Sauce & Crème Fraîche. Photography by Kieran E. Scott (p. 155)

A Modern Classic

Josh's collaboration with award-winning photographer Kieran E. Scott brings the recipes to life, offering a visual feast that resonates with the essence of each dish.

This marriage of taste and sight is complemented by a comprehensive reference section, catering to both the novice and the seasoned chef. Here, the building blocks of culinary technique, conversion charts, glossaries, and insights into essential kitchen equipment converge, creating a well-rounded resource that equips all culinary explorers for success.

Spanning across continents, encompassing Chinese master stock, moules marinière, moussaka, spaghetti alla puttanesca, shepherd's pie, challah, millefeuille, meringues, baklava, halwa, bakewell tart, and the timeless apple pie, The Recipe emerges as an indispensable culinary companion for cooking enthusiasts destined to become a modern classic.

The Recipe
Steamed Whole Fish withGinger, Scallions & Soy. Photography by Kieran E. Scott (p. 179)

Final Thoughts

The Recipe emerges as an indispensable companion in a world where culinary inspiration is abundant, and the desire to craft delectable dishes knows no bounds.

A compendium of classics and contemporaries, traditions and innovations, it weaves a narrative that transcends mere recipes, culminating in a masterpiece that is destined to grace kitchens and dining tables for generations to come.


Dive into a world of exquisite flavors with The Recipe cookbook. Packed with delectable recipes from renowned chefs, this culinary gem stands out as one of the finest home cooking cookbooks we've ever explored.









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