Ball Mason Jars: Our #1 Mason Jar Brand

Ball Mason Jars: Our #1 Mason Jar Brand
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
September 23, 2020

Ball Mason Jars

For us, the summer is the ideal season for canning, thanks to its diversity and abundance of fresh products. Canning summer vegetables and fruits is a great way to preserve the diversity of a summer garden and to guarantee a good stock of delicious products during the cold winter months. To take advantage of the last resources that summer has yet to give, in this lifestyle article, we decide to talk about our favorite brand of mason jars, the Ball Mason Jars.

The First on the Market

Mason jars were invented in 1858 by John Landis Mason in Pennsylvania. They were a revolutionary invention because Mason jars have a two-part lid, with a flat rubber seal and threaded ring which screws metal lids onto molded glass jars, creating a vacuum seal that one could use for home canning. Today, we can trace the roots of every container that has a threaded vacuum-sealed screw top back to the invention of the Mason jar.

Ball is the first, oldest, and most widely recognized Mason jar brand in the world. Ball Mason Jars have been a trusted leader in home canning since 1884. They are popular today for their many uses, from drinking glasses, soap pumps, juicers, cocktail shakers, oil lamps, candle holders to even vacuum-sealed food containers.

The most popular and first choice for home canners are Ball canning jars because they continually withstand the test of time. Ball jars are used for hot fill or water bath canning methods and feature either a regular or wide mouth neck finish.

Ball Mason Jars

The Best Jars for Canning

If you look online for Mason jars, Ball is the brand you're going to see the most. The Ball Corporation has been making jars and other home canning products since 1880 and continues to offer high-quality American-made Mason jars to this day. This brand has gained so much popularity that you'll even hear many people refer to all Mason jars in general as "Ball jars."

One of their best selling and one of our favorites jars is the 16oz (480 ml) size model. These pint-size jars are handy for everything from pickles to salsa, since they’re not too small for most foods, and not so big that food will spoil if you can’t use it fast enough after it’s opened. The wide-mouth size makes filling easy, and they come with rings and lids so you’ll be ready for canning.

The pint-size is also handy for other food storage, as casual drinking glasses, and for taking lunch to work.

Ball Mason Jars

Different Jars Different Uses

We love to use Ball Jars for two main reasons. First is its build quality. This is something important for us and is something that we really like. If you are used to canning or fermenting your foods, you know that the worst thing that can happen is to have your work ruined thanks to the poor quality of the jars you used. There is nothing worst when your 40-day project is ruined due to crappy lids or weak glass that breaks at the slightest sign of pressure.

The second reason we love this brand is that they always have something for you. You have jars for everything! Jars for big things, for small things and for things of things you don’t even know was a thing.

If you are a fan of Ball Mason Jars and if you want to know more about the cool things you can do with their products, stay tuned because we have some really cool projects on the way!

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