Dianxi Xiaoge The Chinese YouTube Sensation

Dianxi Xiaoge The Chinese YouTube Sensation
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
April 17, 2019

The Best Traditional Chinese Food Channel By Dianxi Xiaoge

We at the Cooking World headquarters are huge fans of youtube food channels! But after many articles, we realized that we never wrote anything about youtube channels. The only thing we have is a review of a cookbook of our friend Alex Gabriel. We are focused to change this situation, so we are starting a new series of articles about youtube food channels. And for our first article, we decide to talk about Dianxi Xiaoge youtube channel.

If you have not heard of Dianxi Xiaoge, then you have missed out on something really awesome. Especially if you’re a foodie! This channel features cooking demonstrations by Dianxi Xiaoge, set in the Yunnan province of Southwest China in a perfectly idyllic rustic setting. The recipes are traditional Chinese, with local, fare and seasonal ingredients.

Besides all the great traditional Chinese recipes, the quality of the videos is amazing, worthy of being on Netflix! To give you an idea about what can you expect from Dianxu Xiaoge, we live you with her 3 most popular videos.

Stir Fried Lard-Sealed Pork With Green Garlic

Cured “Blown” Pork Liver With Spicy Sauce

Stir Fry Hairy Tofu With Green Garlic

An Unknown Source

Unfortunately, there is not much information about the production of this youtube channel. The only information available that we found is on YouTube bio section: “I am a local Yunnan Girl. My name is “Dianxi Xiaoge”. People who knows well will call me “Apenjie”. Both my families and the peaceful village are shown in my videos. I film seasonal ingredients, special local products, really anything that reflects the uniqueness of Yunnan cuisine, All the inspiration behind my video come from our daily meals.”

Whatever the source of the videos, we can’t get enough of them. They are a valuable glimpse into Yunnan provincial culinary traditions that deserve to be seen.

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