Binging With Babish: Eat What You Watch

Binging With Babish: Eat What You Watch
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
July 24, 2019

Binging With Babish A Youtube Channel For Movie Lovers

Continuing with the theme Binging With Babish, in this week lifestyle article we will tell you why this is one of our favorite youtube food channels. If you are a fan of Andrew Rea, and if you have not yet read our review about his cookbook you should definitely take a look before you start reading this article.

As we told you in Andrew’s cookbook review, he is one part chef, one part filmmaker, and a generous dash of irreverent Youtube personality. Nowadays, Binging with Babish is one of the most successful Youtube Channels, with over 4.7 million subscribers. The idea behind Andrew’s channel is to recreate recipes featured in films, television, and video games.

Created on August 21, 2006, Binging with Babish name was inspired by The West Wing character Oliver Babish. The first episode aired on February 10, 2016, which is about a Parks and Recreation burger cook-off. During each episode, Andrew prepares step-by-step instructions on the preparation of filme and television-related meals. The show is typically filmed at his torso, in the kitchen of his New York City apartment with a voice-over added in post-production. Each episode contains dry humor and is paced at a fast speed.

The show has featured many guest appearances, who cook alongside Andrew, such as Cocktail Chemistry’s Nick Fisher, Ashwin Ramdas from Ashwin Enjoys Nature, You Suck At Cooking, Bon Appétit’s Brad Leone (star of It’s Alive with Brad), and First We Feast’s Sean Evans. Recently, Andrew has also appeared as a guest star on Evans’s series Hot Ones.

Better than talking about Binging with Babish is to show you what really goes on this channel.

Ratatouille (Confit Byaldi) from Ratatouille

Krabby Patty from Spongebob Squarepants

Jake’s Perfect Sandwich from Adventure Time

A Great Community Of Fans

Binging with Babish was been growing thanks to its extended community of fans. The suport has been huge, starting in the social media plataforms and ending in its Patreon Page. It was thanks to the unconditional support of his fans that Andrew quit his job to work full-time on Binging with Babish.

Andrew is now of one of the most influencial youtubers in the food industry. His numbers don’t lie! It has an impressive community of 4.7 M subcribers on Youtube and 375 m on Instagram. But this is not all! Hi also has 390m sunscribers on Facebook, 95.3 m subscribers on twitter and most important he has 2701 patrons.

With these numbers, it’s really obvious that Andrew as a huge community of supporters. For us, the content that he produces is one of the best you can find online. He perfectly combines his knowledge in film making and his passion for food creating great content that makes him one of the best youtubers out there.

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