Dog and Hat Coffee Subscription

Dog and Hat Coffee Subscription
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
November 18, 2020

Dog and Hat Coffee: Home to UK's Best Whole-Bean Coffee Subscriptions

What could be better than a box full of delicious coffee? In this week's lifestyle article we decided to share with you another fabulous coffee subscription service, this time from Dog and Hat Coffee.

Dog and Hat Coffee are one of the UK’s best multi-roaster coffee subscription services, featuring in the Independents top 10 and leading in the UK space. This award-winning multi-roaster coffee subscription service was founded in 2017 by Su Morgan. The business is family-run, with Su and her husband working from their own house in the south of England.

Having more than 40 partners currently onboard, Dog and Hat’s mission is to provide customers with a varied selection of the highest quality coffees that the UK and international roasters have to offer. Their coffee subscription boxes cater to people of all ages and backgrounds, including sportspeople, espresso drinkers, filter brewers, decaf lovers, and anyone interested in trying out and learning about good quality coffee.

Besides being concerned about the origin and quality of the coffee, Dog and Hat, also have a very accountable environmental policy. This SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) certified company only ship their products in recyclable packaging with everything printed on recycled paper.

Dog and Hat Coffee

For All Tastes

If you love to try different coffees you will love Dog and Hat subscriptions box. Their subscriptions include options for Filter brewers, Espresso makers, Decaffeinated drinkers, or a mix of any of these. And as if this wasn't enough they also have a Traditional and Blends subscription for those who prefer their espresso milky drinks.

All subscriptions ship with their "Dialled In" magazine, which includes interesting roasters interviews, recipes for the coffee you are buying, as well as information about it.

As we said, Dog and Hat take coffee from roasters all over the UK and the world and they ship right to your doorstep. At this moment they offer 4 different boxes with 4 different price ranges.

  • 2 Coffee subscription £17
  • 3 Coffee subscription £24
  • 4 Coffee subscription £31
  • International 2 Coffee subscription £24

Dog and Hat Coffee
Dog and Hat November Subscription Box

Not Just a Subscription Service

If you give a try to Dog and Hat subscription service, you will realize that it is more like a coffee club rather than just a subscription service. All the members benefit from a member's area where they can buy extra coffee, switch subscription types, and buy discounted products. As a member, you also have access to a Facebook Group where you can discuss coffee and gain advice from like-minded and friendly individuals.

Although we have only had the opportunity to try one Dog and Hat box, we can't wait for the next ones. We tried their November box and we couldn' be happier with it. We love the coffee selection, as well as all the goodies that came with it.

So, if you are a coffee enthusiast like us, we encourage you to give a try to this incredible Coffee Club.

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