The Coffeevine: Europe's #1 Coffee Subscription

The Coffeevine: Europe's #1 Coffee Subscription
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
September 9, 2020

The Coffeevine Subscription Box

In this week's lifestyle article we decided to talk about one of our newest partners, The Coffeevine.

If you follow our work you probably know how much we like coffee. We already wrote a lot about this topic, including some coffee recipes and especially some coffee equipment reviews. So, what could be better than make a partnership with the company behind Europ's #1 coffee subscription?

This new partnership will also be beneficial for you because you can get a 15% discount on your first order using our code cookingworld. So, what are you waiting for to order your first box?

The Coffeevine

What Are The Benefits Of A Coffee Subscription Service?

Coffee subscriptions, also known as coffee boxes, can be found everywhere these days. If you have a local coffee roaster, chances are, they also have a coffee subscription program. These subscriptions are similar to a club, and each month, you are sent a certain amount of coffee right to your door.

Now, you may be wondering why even bother with a subscription if all you’re doing is ordering coffee and having it delivered to your home.

That’s a really good question!

There are several advantages to signing up a subscription plan like the Coffeevine.

- You can set it up and forget it. Place your order just once, and there’s no need to reason to worry about forgetting to order it again.

- Prices for coffee subscriptions are extremely competitive – even better than if you placed an individual coffee order. Best of all, most subscriptions offer free shipping.

- Subscription services tend to offer member perks such as access to micro-lofts (minute batches of rare coffee), coffee information cards, and occasional gifts.

- Subscription services offer an array of different coffees for members to try.

The Coffeevine

Taste the World's Best Coffees

Having the opportunity to taste the world's best coffees is a coffee enthusiast dream. Thanks to The Coffeevine this is now an experience that is available to everyone and not only to coffee experts.

Their team hunt down, taste and share the best coffees from the world’s most exciting roasters with coffee lovers in over 40 countries. Thanks to its several subscription plans, you can receive every month, a different selection of delicious coffees.

The Coffeevine

Choose What Suits You Best

The Coffeevine is a multi-roaster subscription service that offers European coffee roasters. As we already said they have three subscription plans that let you taste different coffees for three different roasters every month.

There are two main reasons that make as love their subscription plan. First, the coffee is roasted to order then shipped out, which means you will always receive fresh coffee, and the second thing is the possibility to personalize your subscription. You have three different options, small (250g), medium (2 x 250g), and large (3 x 250g).

Last but not least, you can also choose a different roast option, including espresso, filter roasts, or you can opt for a mix and get a bag of each.

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