Johan Martin PastryClass

Johan Martin PastryClass
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
February 1, 2023

Johan Martin Teaches Viennoiserie

Here we are again with another PastryClass article, this time Johan Martin PastryClass.

In this class, award-winning pastry chef Johan Martin shares his approach to high-end Viennoiserie. Prepare to learn everything about the Viennoiserie pastry, including mixing, proofing, laminating, shaping, baking, decorating, and tasting!

A Viennoiserie Legend

For those who need to learn the term Viennoiserie, this category of baked goods includes croissants, brioche, pain au chocolat, and other similar items. These baked goods are made from laminated dough, similar to the dough used for croissants, but with added ingredients such as sugar, milk, and eggs to give them a sweeter taste and a softer texture.

Now that we all know what Viennoiserie is, let's talk about the instructor of this class. Johan is a legend in this area! With more than 20 years of knowledge, he has changed the perception of Viennoiserie in the pastry world.

Despite falling into the industry by accident, Johan achieved his dream of teaching and traveling worldwide. Today he is an independent pastry consultant while traveling around the globe for masterclasses and demonstrations.

Now, thanks to PastryClass, he's bringing his class to your kitchen.

Johan Martin PastryClass
Raspberry Flower

Johan Martin Online PastryClass Plan

01. Welcome to Class!

In this first lesson, Relais Desserts award-winning pastry chef Johan Martin shares his 13 steps to making the perfect Viennoiserie: mixing, fermentation, lamination, resting, proofing, baking, and we can't forget, tasting!

02. Amazon Chocolate: Brioche

Johan brings the best seller, AMAZON CHOCOLATE, to your kitchen. He's starting strong with the most sought-after recipe of all: Brioche dough! Learn how to feel the dough and see the first gluten window check of this class.

03. Chocolate Brioche

Take your Chocolate Brioche to the next level! Johan shows you how to save time in the kitchen and make two kinds of brioche from one recipe. Learn how to work under different conditions, depending on your environment, and how to make Viennoiseries without any molds, proofer, or equipment.

04. Chocolate Decoration

There are countless chocolate tempering techniques, but this one really beats them all. Chef Johan demonstrates a unique approach that ensures the chocolate is even smoother after the tempering. It's a simple process that is super easy to replicate in your own kitchen—no clean-up required!

05. Chocolate Cream

The real treasure of Johan's class is the simplicity of the techniques applied. This Chocolate Cream recipe will teach you how to flawlessly create pastry cream emulsion and highlight the AMAZON CHOCOLATE recipe with even more textural variations.

06. Cocoa Nibs Crumble

It's your turn to follow Johan's philosophy and create the killer combination of multiple textures in the AMAZON CHOCOLATE recipe. Learn how to achieve the brioche's softness, the Chocolate Cream's silky texture, and the crunch from the Cocoa Nibs Crumble, one of Johan's most famous recipes for a (tasty) reason.

07. High Heels: Croissant

"Are you ready for the fashion show?" Johan asks, and we can't resist touching upon pastry fashion! It's time to learn how to make the legendary croissant dough. In this lesson, you'll discover unique methods to master your lamination, from surprising ways of mixing the ingredients to double and single folds.

08. Strawberry Dough

Learn how to color your croissant dough. Johan touches on the importance of pre-fermentation, how to develop the flavor and create dough elasticity. Observe and embrace the technique of attaching two doughs together and laminating a bi-color croissant.

09. Strawberry Confit & Pâte Sablée

Discover a new way to make fruit confit with sugar syrup and a very smooth texture. Learn how to make Almond Pâte Sablée and follow Johan's baking suggestions to make your dough crispy and achieve a nice golden color.

10. High Heels: Viennoiserie in Fashion

The most common question Johan's students ask is, "When should I stop the dough pre-fermentation?." Take this lesson to find out the answer! Not only does Johan teach you how to make your own molds for this creation, but it's finally time to bake and taste this visual beauty of a pastry: the HIGH HEELS. Hear the crisp and crunch of the dough, and feel the moist and soft confit. "This is the best shoes I have ever eaten," says Johan, and we can’t deny that we want a taste!

11. Raspberry Flower: Lamination

Let us introduce the most stunning creation of all, the Raspberry Flower. There's so much to learn; where shall we begin? Johan's first priority is lamination, the most important step in Viennoiserie. You'll get more details and tips in this lesson than you've ever got before! He also throws in some sneaky French terms to teach us the right way to say things!

12. Bi-color Dough

Johan shows you how to color dough to create a stunning visual effect for your pastry and take your dough to the next level! You'll learn how to stick two doughs together without water, and the lesson will finish with some tricks to avoid your fillings running out of the dough when it's baking.

Johan Martin PastryClass

13. Raspberry Confit

Do you think confit recipes are easy and there's nothing to be afraid of? Think again. In this lesson, you'll learn the confit stability steps and Johan's testing process. If the confit doesn't pass Chef's test, there's a risk it will turn into liquid and ruin our pastry altogether! Check and learn!

14. Shiny Syrup & Raspberry Compote

Can you spot the difference between Johan's creations and any other Viennoiserie? Johan includes one thing in all of his Viennoiserie creations: his Shiny Clear Syrup. This recipe is valuable, easy to make, and versatile—you can use it in any other pastry creation! In this lesson, you'll also learn about Johan's approach to fruity inserts, the temperatures, the selection of ingredients, and the stunning, fresh, and soft textural outcome of the Raspberry Compote.

15. Raspberry Flower: Glaze

This pastry is beautiful, but its beauty can't compare to the fantastic flavor and textural balance! This is what high-end Viennoiserie is all about! Crispy bi-color croissant dough on the outside, with a fresh splash of Raspberry Compote and a surprise second splash of Raspberry Coulis on the inside, all wrapped up with Shiny Syrup and a Glossy Glaze.

16. Blackcurrant Milk Bread Dough

This BLACKCURRANT PETALS creation definitely stands out in this class. Why? Because of the dough recipe! Chef says it's simple, and in this lesson, he proves it over and over again! Learn how to replicate Johan's quality dough.

17. Blackcurrant Petals

One of Johan's biggest achievements is mastering fruity inserts that are silky and smooth, not sticky or sweet. And in this class, he shows you how! The BLACKCURRANT PETALS creation is so delicate and tempting. I guess, with ingredients like Blackcurrant Milk Bread Dough, Confit Cassis, and Clear Syrup, how could it not be?

18. Dough, Fermentation, Flour, Lamination, Shapping

Johan guides you through working with croissant dough, different flour types and approaches, the lamination process, buttering the molds, his signature swirl shaping technique, brushing with syrup, and … even more in the next lesson.


Johan says there should be filling in every bite of your Viennoiserie—even the very last one! Strawberry Compote is a perfect filling for your STRAWBERRY SWIRL creation; it's very technical, but you'll master it with clear instructions! When it's time to taste test, make sure you savor the Strawberry Swirl splash—the multiple and crunchy croissant layers and the fresh strawberry center!

20. Tahiti: Brioche Dough

We couldn't discuss brioche without including this must-have lesson on brioche dough from Johan! In this class, you'll learn about the temperatures of the dough and how to work with different outcomes and do various pre-fermentation steps, depending on your kitchen conditions. You also get a peek at the master in action as he prepares his butter for the dough, he is going to smash!

21. Orange Blossom Syrup

If there's one thing we know, it's that brioche must be soaked! In this class, you'll learn how to create syrup for a moist brioche, and, even better, you can use this syrup for all sorts of pastries: travel cakes, double-baked croissants, and much more! Orange Blossom is Johan's favorite flavor for syrup, but you can choose any of your favorites, and the recipe will work just as well!

22. Salted Butter Caramel

Johan brings his best caramel recipe to this class which you can use not only in this TAHITI creation but in any other pastry of your choice. Watch and learn as he gracefully makes dry caramel without using spatulas, whisks, or, would you believe it, not even a thermometer! We're understating it when we say it's silky, rich, and smooth.

23. Pastry Cream

What is the most important step in creating a truly high-quality pastry cream texture? The cooling process. Cool down your creams the right way with Johan in this lesson.

24. Tahiti: Almond Sablée

Jumping from the magical Almond Pâte Sablée in this lesson to the tasting of TAHITI. Enjoy the softness of the brioche, the crispiness of Pâte Sablée, the delicate balance between the silky Salted Butter Caramel and the soft Pastry Cream, and the scent of Orange Blossom. Now that you've made it with the master, you are fully qualified to become an expert at Viennoiserie and enjoy the magic of pastry!

Johan Martin PastryClass
Amazon Chocolate

Not Just About Doughs

In this class, Johan will cover topics such as how to make and handle laminated dough properly, shaping and baking techniques, and using various ingredients to create different flavor profiles.

In this class, you'll learn how to make perfect doughs, like Brioche, Croissant, Milk Bread Dough, and Pâte Sablée, and how to make fruity fillings, syrups, and caramels. This class is a modern, exquisite, innovative learning and tasting experience!

You'll also have access to Johan's iconic recipes, such as High Heels, and Blackcurrant Petals, among others. Additionally, you'll also learn about the tools and equipment used in professional kitchens, such as heat guns, blast freezers, spray booths, and more.

Overall, Johan Martin PastryClass is a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience for anyone interested in learning about Viennoiserie and the art of pastry making.

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