PastryClass: The World's Best Online Pastry Classes

PastryClass: The World's Best Online Pastry Classes
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
October 26, 2022

PastryClass Offers a New and Exciting Way to Learn Pastry Skills

Those who follow our work probably already know how fans we are of online cooking platforms. From MasterClass to YesChef, we have been trying everything. Now we bring something new — PastryClass, a new online pastry platform that will delight any pastry enthusiast.

PastryClass is a professional, modern, and innovative online pastry platform that features the most respected pastry chefs worldwide. Focused to provide education from experienced home bakers to professional pastry chefs and productions worldwide.


The Most Respected Pastry Chefs

Cédric Grolet, Johan Martin, Frank Haasnoot, and Ramon Morató are some chefs that have their first-ever online classes on PastryClass.

In this platform, you'll have a mix of lessons — some that will improve your pastry cooking, others that will give you inspiration, and those that will help you grow your pastry business! Gain a new baking skill, get inspired, or learn how to build your pastry business, are the things you'll take from these classes.

Over the past weeks, we've been watching some classes on PastryClass, which are all very well-produced. The classes are approachable for experienced home bakers and have advanced techniques for professional chefs. All class content varies in quantity but remains uncompromised — consistently high-quality, unique, and variable lessons by professional instructors.

Ramon Morató PastryClass

How do Classes Work?

As we already mentioned, PastryClass is an immersive online platform that allows everyone to learn from the world's best pastry chefs.

In each lesson, you'll find an average of 25 pre-recorded video lessons that are roughly 10-15 minutes long for an easy and efficient learning process.

Every class has its own PDF workbook that features class recipes with step-by-step instructions, a list of tools and ingredients with pictures and specifications, and additional bonus recipes/materials that every instructor has generously gifted to boost your study process.

Last but not least, by enrolling in a class, you'll have access to PastryConnect — a place to ask questions about your study process, share your results, and make pastry friends!

Cédric Grolet PastryClass

Enrollment Options

At this moment, PastryClass offers two enrollment options:

  1. Standard - enrollment includes 12 months of class access, good (720p) video quality, and can be accessed from 1 device.
  2. Premium - enrollment includes lifelong class access, best (1080p) video quality, the ability to watch videos on 2 - 3 devices simultaneously, and a certificate of completion.

Both enrollments include a workbook with class recipes and materials, bonus recipes/materials, and access to PastryConnect.


What Skill-Level Required for PastryClass?

If you are considering enrolling in one of the lessons of PastryClass, you probably already asked yourself what skill level is required to enroll in these classes.

Of all we have seen so far, these classes are designed for experienced bakers or enthusiast home bakers. We are not saying that people just starting out can't enroll in these classes, but we believe that are better alternatives if you are starting out. We loved all the lessons we saw, but they are complex for anyone without experience.

If you want to challenge yourself and gain new skills to achieve outstanding results, don't look any further because PastryClass is what you need. This platform features some of the top professional chefs making waves in the pastry industry, so expect classes full of complex information and techniques. From what we have seen, we couldn't agree more with PastryClass when they say they have the world's best online pastry classes.

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