Matty Matheson Just A Dash Youtube Channel

Matty Matheson Just A Dash Youtube Channel
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
October 16, 2019

Matty Matheson Just A Dash

Today, we are back with another amazing Youtube Food Channel article. We decide to bring you one of the most recent youtube food channels you can find. We are talking about Matty Matheson Just A Dash Youtube Channel, one of the most anticipated projects by all Matty Matheson fans.

Just A Dash is a self-produced, self-directed, and fully Matty Matheson-conceptualized show. With only 3 videos, this channel has already 164k subscribers, and almost 1 million views. This is not the first time that Matty Matheson stays behind a camera, in fact, he is constantly appearing on youtube. He regularly appeared on Vice’s show Munchies, and he previously hosted Viceland Dead Set on Life.

In this channel, you will enter in Matty’s mind, through an incredible collection of genuine and funny videos. Here you will discover the reality of cooking shows, and most important you will learn how to cook incredible dishes! Even though it’s starting now, we are sure that Just A Dash will be one of the best and most fun youtube channels.

Before we leave you, we share the only 3 videos that you can find up to date in Matty Mattheson’s channel.

Just A Dash Trailer

Bone Broth Brigade Oxtail Pho

Halifax Donair

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