The Bite Shot Youtube Channel

The Bite Shot Youtube Channel
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
May 6, 2020

The Bite Shot Makes Learning Food Photography Easy and Fun

Today we are back with another Food Photography Youtube Channel. In The Bite Shot, you will learn how to grow your food photography skills so you can feel confident about your work and create awesome images!

Joanie Simon is the self-taught professional food photographer behind The Bite Shot. Her own self-taught photography journey was a challenge, so in 2017 she created this channel as a resource for people starting out in food photography. Joanie believes that you don’t need fancy gear to make fabulous food images and that the biggest hurdle to becoming a successful food photographer is self-doubt.

In The Bite Shot, you’ll find upbeat and easy to follow tutorials that you can easily replicate at home. Here you’ll learn that imagination and some clever tricks is you all need to make mouth-watering food photographs.

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