Romeo and Juliet Dessert

Romeo and Juliet Dessert
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
November 12, 2021

Portuguese Romeo and Juliet Dessert

Last week we taught you how to make a traditional Portuguese quince marmalade. Today we teach you how to use that marmalade in a delicious Romeo and Juliet Dessert.

Unlike William Shakespeare's play, in Portugal the love story Romeo and Juliet has a happy ending. The main actors? Cheese and marmalade, which can be either a starter or dessert. A duet that never fails and the end result, a mixture of sweet and bitter, is always surprising, even more so if the products are of good quality.

Marmalade is the result of quince (apple-like fruit) cooked with sugar and pureed. After being divided into bowls, these are covered with parchment paper and placed in the sun to dry. It is a specialty of Portuguese regional confectionery, with vibrant reddish-orange color and an intense flavor. When mixed with requeijão, fresh cheese, or Serra da Estrela cheese the result is surprising.

2 minutes
2 people


Cheese, like flamengo, fresh cheese, or any cheese you like

Special Equipment

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  1. Cut even slices of the cheese and marmalade. Then cut each slice in smaller rectangles with 3 by 2 cm (1.20 by 0.8 inches). It the end, you should have 8 rectangles of cheese and marmalade.
  2. Start by laying one rectangle of cheese and then one rectangle of marmalade. Repeat the process until you used all rectangles (each portion should have 4 rectangles of cheese and 4 rectangles of marmalade).
  3. Once prepared, you can put them in the refrigerator for about 10-15 minutes. Then serve them chill. (Alternatively, you can also directly serve them at room temperature.)
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