Aram Coffee Maker Review

Aram Coffee Maker Review
February 28, 2020

Perfect Espresso With The Aram Coffe Maker

In this week’s equipment review, we are back into the world of coffee. As usual, we team up with the Abcoffee team to bring you the best coffee articles you can find. Today we bring you one of the most special reviews we ever wrote, the Aram Coffee Maker Review.

Just for the previous sentence, you already noticed how much we are excited to bring you this product. The Aram Coffee Maker is an incredibly simple, yet innovative concept. Clad in handcrafted wood and offering a correspondingly handcrafted espresso experience, this is one of the best coffee equipment we’ve had the opportunity to test.

From Brazil to The World

Produced in Brazil and inspired by its nature, the Aram, the first and only Brazilian espresso method, is the dream come true from Maycon Aram and Juca Esmanhoto. Built with sustainability in mind, this unit is manufactured by a chain of local craftsmen, in a process of high quality and precision.

When we open Aram’s box for the first time, we could immediately see that this was a product of high quality. The materials used, and the attention to detail is something that we are not used to seeing in other products. For example, the 304 stainless steel used in this unit it’s powder coat and gaskets in non-toxic EPDM. In other words, this means that the Aram will last you a lifetime. With proper care, this equipment will be able to be passed from generation to generation. But this is not all!

In addition to the great quality of the materials, the attention to detail is also something to highlight. One of our favorite details is the engraved sun and moon that serve as guides, so you can easily insert the portafilter with just one hand. This is just one of the many examples that make this equipment unique.

aram coffee maker review
Aram Coffee Maker

Easy to Use

The first use of the Aram can be a little trickier since this equipment does not bring any manual, but this little setback is easily overstepped by the various tutorials available on Aram’s YouTube channel. But after you use it for the first time you will realize that the process couldn’t be simpler — at least that’s what happened to us.

The recommended procedure to use the Aram is very simple to follow. Crank the handle clockwise, all the way to the bottom, fill up the reservoir with hot water and leave it some seconds for the coffeemaker to absorb the heat. One twist in the counterclockwise direction will release the water that is inside. Once it’s empty, screw it back to the previous position. Place the ground coffee in the portafilter, compact it with the tamper and insert the portafilter. Fill it up with water again, and start screwing counterclockwise, immediately — that is the pre-infusion phase.

Once you can’t go any further up, start screwing (clockwise) right back to the bottom. Then you will feel the pressure increase as you go further down — the screw speed is directly proportional to the pressure you are exerting with water onto the coffee.

A Real Espresso

What is the definition of espresso? According to SCA, espresso is a method of preparing coffee by passing hot water under high pressure through finely-ground coffee placed in a portafilter. So a check on the Aram for doing this!

Although there are many manual “espresso” makers on the market, very few perform as well as this one. When you use it you will end up with excellent espresso, that perfectly combines acidity and bitterness with a velvety body. And it’s not just the coffee that’s good, the user experience is also something excellent.

The Aram is very easy to use and the results are always very similar. With such an easy procedure everyone will be able to make incredible shots. For us, the Aram is a true “espresso maker”!

aram coffee maker review

At the End of Aram Coffee Maker Review

We already had the opportunity to test various amazing coffee equipment, but even so, the Aram Coffee Maker surprised us for its amazing espresso and build quality. This is one of the very few products that we knew was going to be amazing at the moment we opened the box. Its quality is something that stands out! Not only due to the quality of the materials used but also for the attention to detail.

Although we believe that this is not a product for the average consumer, we are absolutely sure that this product will delight any espresso or coffee enthusiast.


The Aram is a coffee maker designed for the espresso enthusiasts out there. Unlike anything we've ever tested, this is by far one of the best designed and built products we've tested.


Ease Of Use


Coffee Quality


Built Quality



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