Cake Confidence Cookbook Review

Cake Confidence Cookbook Review
August 12, 2019

Cake Confidence: Sure-fire Recipes & Tips for Over-the-top Gorgeous Cakes

There’s always something to celebrate in life, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with some decadent, mouthwatering cake! For this reason, we decided to bring you the Cake Confidence Cookbook Review.

No matter your confidence in baking, Mandy Merriman, the Blondie of the popular blog Baking with Blondie, is here to help you think outside the cakebox and create easy, delicious, beautiful cakes that you’ll definitely want to show off. Dust off your apron and get ready to create some buttercream joy. This book contains frosting/stacking/decorating step by step tutorials, sure-fire buttercream step by step tips, and recipes that are guaranteed to bake up beautifully every single time.

cake confidence cookbook review
Cake Confidence Cookbook

Inside Cake Confidence

At the center of almost every celebration and many other types of gatherings in life is something we’ve all come to know and love. Those sweet soft layers of cake smothered in mouthwatering buttercream. Cake is a huge part of all our lives, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a can’t-put-your-fork-down delicious cake on the table to share with those you love most.

The Cake Confidence Cookbook has everything you’ll need to build enough cake confidence to jump into your Kitchen, and learn how to bake, stack, and decorate a cake that not only looks delicious but tastes so good that everyone will think you spent hours in the kitchen perfecting the recipe.

Each recipe offers a great first step into cake making for newbies. And time-saving shortcuts for more experienced bakers to whip up something impressive in a flash. Many of the recipes have doctored cake mixes in it, which generated some controversy around this book. But Mandy has meticulously added the correct proportions of additional ingredients to make each cake delicious.

This book is a great source for some baking inspiration! Over the 168 pages of this book, you will find amazing photos, tips, and flavor combos.

At The End Of Cake Confidence Cookbook Review

Cake Confidence is a great cookbook that will help anyone to make better cakes. With step by step tutorials, great recipe and clever shortcuts, there is no one that couldn’t make incredible cakes.


Cake Confidence cookbook is packed with great knowledge for those who want to make better cakes. If you love to bake, this is the book for you!









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