Cosori TurboBlaze Review

Cosori TurboBlaze Review
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
April 15, 2024

Cosori TurboBlaze Review: Compact Powerhouse for Quick and Easy Meals

In this week's review, we decided it was time to tell you about a product we have been using lately: the Cosori TurboBlaze.

As avid enthusiasts and long-time users of air fryers, we've had the opportunity to test numerous models over the years. The Cosori TurboBlaze 6.0-Quart Air Fryer, a newcomer in the air fryer scene, promises to blend compact design with powerful performance. Given its claims and growing popularity, it was time to put this device through its paces and see if it truly stands up to the hype.

So, without further ado, let's start our Cosori TurboBlaze Review!

Design and Build Quality

Right out of the box, the Cosori TurboBlaze impresses with its sleek, minimalist design. The air fryer sports a matte black finish that should complement any modern kitchen decor. Despite its compact footprint, the air fryer offers a substantial 6-quart capacity, making it suitable for small to medium-sized families.

The build quality is robust, with a durable plastic exterior and a metal interior ensuring that no plastic comes into contact with the food.

The top features an easy-to-use, angled LED control panel with capacitive buttons for adjusting settings such as temperature and cooking time. The panel is intuitive, even for those who might be new to air fryers.

Cosori TurboBlaze Review

Functionality and Performance

Cosori advertises the TurboBlaze as capable of cooking 46% faster than older Cosori models, thanks to its efficient DC motor. This claim holds some weight, as the air fryer heats up quickly and cooks food evenly compared to some older models we have tested. 

The outcomes were consistently delightful, from crispy chicken thighs to golden brown sweet potatoes. We have been using the Cosori TurboBlaze almost daily in the past month and are very impressed with its results.

The TurboBlaze comes equipped with multiple cooking functions, including Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Broil, Dehydrate, Frozen, Proof, Reheat, and Keep Warm, providing versatile options for all your culinary needs. This versatility makes it a suitable replacement for several kitchen appliances, especially in smaller kitchen spaces.

Cosori TurboBlaze Review

Ease of Use and Maintenance

One of the air fryer's standout features is its ease of use. The preset functions are helpful for beginners, and the manual adjustments allow for more control as one becomes more familiar with the appliance. 

The inclusion of a safety feature that automatically turns off the appliance when the basket is removed adds an extra layer of security, enhancing its user-friendliness.

Cleaning the Cosori TurboBlaze is straightforward. The non-stick basket and crisper plate are easily removable, and both are dishwasher safe, which simplifies the cleaning process.

For those who prefer hand washing, the non-stick surface means that food debris and grease can be quickly wiped away without much hassle.

Cosori TurboBlaze Review

Pros and Cons


Compact design with a large capacity.
Quick and even cooking capabilities.
Intuitive LED control panel.
Versatile cooking functions.
Easy to clean and maintain.


Matte finish makes fingerprint marks and dust visible.
Lacks additional accessories, which could limit some specific cooking methods.

Final Thoughts

The Cosori TurboBlaze 6.0-Quart Air Fryer is a compelling choice for anyone looking to enhance their cooking repertoire without sacrificing much counter space. 

Its powerful performance, combined with its sleek design and user-friendly features, makes it a standout model in the crowded market of air fryers. 

Whether you're a seasoned air fryer aficionado or a curious newcomer, the TurboBlaze is likely to exceed expectations, provided you can adapt to the quick cooking times and preheating requirements. This model indeed proves that good things come in well-designed, efficient packages.


The Cosori TurboBlaze stands out with its compact, sleek design and powerful, quick-cooking features, complemented by an intuitive user interface and a range of versatile cooking options. Its easy maintenance and cleaning process make it an attractive choice for any kitchen.




Food Capacity




Build Quality

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