Ooni Pizza Steel Review

Ooni Pizza Steel Review
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
March 13, 2023

Make Delicious Pizza with Ooni Pizza Steel

For this week's review, we brought you another product from our friends from Ooni, the Ooni Pizza Steel Review.

The Ooni Pizza Steel 13 is essential for making pizzas in your home oven. The highly durable, commercial-grade stainless steel makes an ideal cooking surface by retaining heat and optimizing home ovens for evenly cooked crusts.

It can be used for cooking all pizza varieties and styles, including store-bought, deep-pan, and frozen pizzas. After one bake with the steel, pizza nights in your home kitchen will never be the same.

The New Ooni Pizza Steel

The latest offering from the brand renowned for its outdoor pizza ovens is the Ooni Pizza Steel.

This accessory measures 34.2 by 34.2 cm (13.5-by-13.5 inches) and is made of 430-grade stainless steel. It is specifically designed to cook homemade pizza recipes in a conventional oven. With a maximum temperature tolerance of 275 ºC (527 ºF), this steel ensures even cooking and ultra-crispy crusts, even when you're cooking indoors.

The Ooni Pizza Steel is perfect for individuals who lack space for a full-sized pizza oven or those who desire to make tasty homemade pizzas during colder weather when outdoor cooking isn't feasible.

Ooni Pizza Steel

Heating Up

For us, the big drawback of making pizza in a conventional oven has always been the time we needed to preheat our pizza stones. Luckily, with the new Ooni Pizza Steel, this is no longer a problem.

As a metal, steel is a much better conductor of heat than stone, which means it will heat much faster than stone. From our test, we found that after 20-30 minutes, the steel is hot enough to bake on, and after an hour, it produces the best pizzas in terms of oven spring and browning.

Another advantage of using steel is that it regains heat much faster than a stone, so the time between cooking pizzas is reduced to around 5 minutes, and subsequent pizzas turn out just as well.

Product Information

Dimensions: 34.2cm x 34.2cm x 0.6cm (13.46” x 13.46 ” x 0.24”)
Weight: 5.22kg (11.51 lbs)
Materials: 430-grade stainless steel with sand-blasted finish
Optimized for lower conventional oven temperatures up to 275 °C / 527 °F
Preheat steel in oven for at least 30 minutes to reach a consistent cooking temperature
Enjoy delicious, evenly cooked pizza indoors, any time in just 6-8 minutes

Ooni Pizza Steel

Final Thoughts

The Ooni Pizza Steel is a fantastic tool to elevate your homemade oven pizza cooking experience. Its durable construction and exceptional heat retention capabilities result in perfect, crispy pizza crusts every time.

Whether you're a seasoned pizza pro or just starting, the Ooni Pizza Steel is a worthwhile investment that will elevate your pizza-making game to new heights.


The Ooni Pizza Steel 13 is an excellent tool that allows you to cook delicious pizzas in your home oven in a fraction of the time when compared with traditional baking stones.


Heating Time


Heat Retention


Built Quality


Surface Area

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