Dominique Crenn Masterclass Review

Dominique Crenn Masterclass Review
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
February 26, 2024

Dominique Crenn Teaches Modern Vegetarian Cooking

It's been a long time, but we are finally back with our MasterClass reviews. Today, we are pleased to present Dominique Crenn's masterclass review.

In the world of culinary arts, few chefs manage to blend the essence of tradition with the innovation of modern cooking as seamlessly as Dominique Crenn.

Her MasterClass on Modern Vegetarian Cooking is not just a regular cooking class; it's an immersive journey into the heart of plant-based cuisine, rooted deeply in the rich soils of Brittany, France, and flourished within the innovative climate of California.

Dominique Crenn, with her poetic approach to menu creation and a steadfast commitment to sustainability, offers students more than recipes; she offers a new lens through which to view food. Each lesson in her MasterClass is meticulously designed, akin to the courses of a Michelin-starred tasting menu, offering a progression of techniques, flavors, and philosophies that reflect her journey as a chef and a human being.

Dominique Crenn's Culinary Journey

This class begins with a personal introduction that feels like an invitation to Dominique's life and values. She shares her struggles and triumphs, painting a picture of a chef who has not only climbed the ranks in a male-dominated industry but has also challenged the fabric of traditional cooking with her vegetarian focus.

Dominique's emphasis on the importance of ingredient sourcing resonates throughout the class. She takes students on a virtual tour from the local farmers' markets to the tables of her renowned restaurants, demonstrating how to select produce that not only tastes good but also tells a story of place and season.

The practical lessons are profoundly educational, covering a spectrum of techniques ranging from vegetable preparation basics to creating visually stunning dishes and bursting with flavor. Like in other Masterclasses, each technique is accompanied by detailed explanations and personal insights that make complex culinary concepts accessible to cooks of all levels.

Dominique Crenn Masterclass Review
Tomato Evolved

Dominique Crenn MasterClass Plan

01 - Meet Your Instructor

Chef Crenn shares her deep connection to food and how her passion evolved into a celebrated career that showcases vegetables as the main attraction. She also shares an overview of the class lessons, which are structured as a tasting menu.

02 - Dominique's Essential Kitchen Tools

Explore Chef Crenn’s kitchen tools and special equipment for making modern vegetarian meals. Discover the pantry ingredients she always has on hand, including herbs and flowers.

03 - Tomato: Enhanced

In the first of three tomato lessons, learn how to dehydrate tomatoes by blanching them. Then turn the skins into powder.

04 - Tomato: Illuminated

Building on your blanching techniques, learn how to confit peeled tomatoes. You can also add the tomato petals you’ve already made to create a more intricate dish that can stand on its own or be incorporated into a recipe in the next tomato lesson.

05 - Tomato: Evolved

Learn how to marinate tomatoes and make tomato water that you can turn into a gel. Then bring all of your new tomato techniques together in an elaborate dish.

06 - Melon: Enhanced

Chef Crenn shows you how to check a melon for ripeness. Then she walks you through how to cut it, marinate it, and make it into ribbons.

Dominique Crenn Masterclass Review

07 - Melon: Illuminated

Learn how to grill, roast, or cold smoke melon with Chef Crenn.

08 - Melon: Evolved

Continue exploring the many forms melon can take. Turn melon balls into surprising shapes, make melon water that you can transform into gel, try out marinating and grilling your melon, and wrap up with an elevated fruit salad.

09 - Leeks

Chef Crenn teaches you how to clean, confit, and roast leeks, and shows you the steps to make a warm vinaigrette. Prepare a béarnaise sauce to top it all off in an elegantly plated dish.

10 - Mushroom

Learn how to make a mushroom stock that will serve as a base, along with vegetables, confit, and smoked egg yolks. Make mushroom foam, and slice and season mushrooms to incorporate into a beautiful dish.

11 -Asparagus

Discover how delicious asparagus can be in three approaches: poached in vegetable stock, then grilled; peeled with a mandolin; and blanched and grilled to serve with crème fraîche.

12 - Seasonal Vegetables

Chef Crenn shows you how to make a classic French comfort food, parmentier, using zucchini, onions, and carrots instead of meat. Prepare a smooth potato puree to use in the dish and top it with cheese in individual ramekins or a larger serving dish.

13 - Cabbage

Often overlooked, cabbage is incredibly versatile. Learn how to sear and roast cabbage wedges, ferment sauerkraut, pickle mustard seeds, and make a potent parsley oil to create a delicious dish.

14 - Cheese

In France, cheese and salad are served toward the end of a meal to cleanse the palate. For your final exercise, make a cheese mousse to be served in stylistically cut lettuce.

Dominique Crenn Masterclass Review

Vegetables as Culinary Stars

What sets this MasterClass apart is Dominique's philosophy of cooking as an act of love and respect for nature. She encourages students to think beyond the plate, to consider the environmental impact of their food choices, and to embrace creativity and intuition in the kitchen.

The course culminates in the creation of a vegetarian tasting menu that encapsulates the essence of Dominique's culinary ethos. Each dish is a testament to her belief in the potential of vegetables to star on the plate, transformed through care, creativity, and skill into works of art that challenge conventional notions of what vegetarian food can be.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Dominique Crenn's MasterClass on Modern Vegetarian Cooking is a masterful blend of technique, artistry, and philosophy.

It is a call to action for chefs and food enthusiasts alike to explore the boundaries of vegetarian cuisine with mindfulness and innovation. For those looking to elevate their cooking and embrace a sustainable approach to food, this course is a beacon of inspiration and guidance.


Dominique Crenn's MasterClass merges traditional and modern vegetarian cooking, emphasizing sustainable sourcing and creative techniques. It's an educational and philosophical journey, culminating in a unique vegetarian tasting menu that redefines plant-based cuisine. Ideal for those seeking culinary innovation and a sustainable approach.









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