Dripster Cold Brew Dripper Review

Dripster Cold Brew Dripper Review
January 17, 2020

The Dripster

Here we are for our third coffee equipment review this month! This time we and the abcoffee team decided to bring you the Dripster Cold Brew Dripper review.

The Dripster is a compact cold brew system, that combines functionality with a clear and modern design. Perfect for those who are struggling with a packed fridge, but still want to enjoy a perfect homemade cold brew coffee.

dripster cold brew dripper review

Cold Drip Method

In contrast with the Goat Story Cold Brew Kit, the Dripster uses a cold drip method to brew coffee. Here, cold water is added slowly, drop by drop onto the grounded coffee. As water continuously drips onto the grounded coffee, the flavors are almost completely resolved. The extraction requires less time, and the aroma spectrum differs to that of the full immersion method.

Using the slow drip method, the coffee is full of impact and taste. In comparison to the other method, more of the coffee is reached, but there will be none of the bitter, over-steeping taste which regularly affects units that use the full immersion method.

For us, the cold drip method is better because keeping the grounds and the blend separated, will preserve more oils that will give coffee its great taste.

dripster cold brew dripper review

Good Built Quality

Besides the design, the built quality of the Dripster is something that stands out. The water tank is made from BPA-free plastic which will stay intact through regular washing. The coffee beaker consists of high-quality temperature resistant glass made by the French manufacturer Pyrex. This means that this coffee container isn’t as thin and fragile as a lot of the other models on the market.

The Dripster uses a permanent filter made of finely-woven stainless steel mesh. Opposed to paper filters, changing the filter is no necessary and all important coffee oils can pass the filter, leading to a special taste experience. The only negative aspect that we find in this filter is the cleaning process that sometimes could be a little tricky. Besides that it is perfect!

Last but not least you have a precisely adjustable valve, which allows you to control the flow of the water going through the coffee, giving you the possibility to totally control the time of extraction.

dripster cold brew dripper review
Adjustable Valve

How to Use the Dripster

For us, using this unit couldn’t be more simple! First, you will need to put the coffee filter onto the coffee container and fill it with ground coffee. Next, you need to moisten the surface of the ground coffee evenly. Then set the valve to approximately one drop per second, and wait until the water has gone through (about one to three hours).

Finally, you just need to stir your cold drip coffee and it is ready to enjoy it!

Product Information

Technical Specification

Product Dimensions: 4.41 x 4.13 x 11.42 inches / 11.2 x 10.5 x 29 cm
Item Weight: 0.98 pounds / 445 g
Shipping Weight: 1.23 pounds / 558 g
Manufacturer: Dripster
Capacity: 20 oz / 0.6 ml
Body Material: plastic and glass

dripster cold brew dripper review

At The End of Dripster Cold Brew Dripper Review

We have been using the Dripster for the past few months and we are very happy with its performance. This unit does exactly what is supposed to do – a perfect cold brew coffee. We liked how the entire item was made, especially the use of see-through materials that allow us to see the dripping process as it goes along. Not only do you know when it is ready, but it also adds a bit of a style element.

If you are looking for a new and functional cold drip system we believe that Dripster is one of the best solutions you can find on the market.


Dripster is a great and incredibly functional cold brew system. If you are a fan of cold brew coffee, and if cold drip is you method of choice, we think you will love this unit.


Ease Of Use




Built Quality



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