Evolutions in Bread Cookbook Review

Evolutions in Bread Cookbook Review
By The Cooking World, Editorial Staff
March 27, 2023

Evolutions in Bread: Artisan Pan Breads and Dutch-Oven Loaves at Home

We couldn't be more excited to return with our bread cookbook series. Today we'll review Evolutions in Bread by Ken Forkish, a book many of you have been waiting for.

The New York Times bestselling author of Flour Water Salt Yeast teaches you how to elevate your sandwich bread, breakfast toast, and overall bread-baking game using everything he's learned in the last decade to perfect his loaves.

If you want to craft artisan pan breads and rustic Dutch oven loaves at home with professional, consistent results, this book is for you. Think crispy, crackly crusts and soft, airy interiors, just like your favorite artisan bakery — except it came from your oven.

Evolutions in Bread

A New set of Recipes

Evolutions in Bread offers expert knowledge and new recipes while remaining accessible to home bakers. The book covers a range of techniques, including same-day loaves, overnight cold-proof doughs, and classic levains

Ken shares the secrets he has learned for making a more flour-efficient sourdough starter while exploring classic breads and enriched doughs, such as Japanese Milk Bread and Brioche.

For novice bakers, Evolutions in Bread provides a baking schedule alongside each recipe to guide them through the process of making starters and loaves. The doughs are adaptable, with the option to prepare them as a lidded pan loaf, open pan loaf, or rustic country loaf.

This new book is not only a valuable resource on its own but also complements Ken's previous book, Flour Water Salt Yeast, providing readers with everything they need to create any type of bread.

Evolutions in Bread
Brioche. Photography by (p. 168)

Simplified Home Baking

In Evolutions in Bread, Ken has simplified his home baking approach, with nearly every bread recipe able to be made in the same way without the need for pizza stones, bread peels, or commercial ovens.

The book's hand-mixed recipes yield single loaves, and Ken also provides a new sourdough starter maintenance method that reduces waste. Same-day breads can be ready in six hours, while overnight doughs develop complexity by being refrigerated. Additionally, bakers interested in flour blends will find many insights into the benefits of blending flours, such as greater control over gluten and flavor.

Divided into two parts, Getting Started and Recipes, this book has everything a home baker need. In the first part, Ken covers ingredients, equipment, methods, techniques, and his new approach to sourdough. In the book's second part, you'll find a vast sort of recipes suited for all levels of bakers.

Evolutions in Bread
Pain au Levain. Photography by Alan Weiner (p. 196)

Final Thoughts

Evolutions in Bread offers an extensive exploration of the possibilities of home bread baking under the guidance of an excellent teacher. The book delves into various methods for making pan breads, utilizing heirloom wheats and emphasizing low-waste techniques.

Ken has improved his sourdough method in Evolutions in Bread to make it more accessible to users, particularly those baking in temperamental home ovens. The book's recipes were tested with these ovens, providing readers with a roadmap for achieving excellent bread in their own kitchens.


Evolutions in Bread is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their breadmaking skills. Whether you're an experienced baker or just starting out, the book's detailed instructions and informative content can help you take your breadmaking to the next level.









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