Genuine Pizza Cookbook Review

Genuine Pizza Cookbook Review
August 19, 2019

Genuine Pizza Cookbook

Pizza is probably one of the most famous and delicious dishes in the world. Is difficult to find someone that doesn’t like a good slice of pizza! A dish like this may seem simple, but there is some science behind it. Without the right knowledge, making a perfect pizza could be a difficult task. We believe that anyone should know how to make a perfect pizza, and for this reason this week we decided to review the Genuine Pizza Cookbook.

Genuine Pizza is Michael Schwarts guidebook for creating unforgettable pizzas at home. A cookbook that makes the pizza process approachable and fun, giving you the tools you need to make a better pizza at home.

genuine pizza cookbook
Genuine Pizza Cookbook

Make Better Pizzas At Home

Beginning with Pizza Fundamentals, Genuine Pizza explores everything from useful equipment to must-have ingredients. With detailed step-by-step techniques for how to make an incredible dough, including recipes for gluten-free and rye-based options. Part two is all about composing nuanced, flavorful pizzas! With recipes that include classics such as Margherita, as well as pizzas with more unorthodox, yet irresistible topping combinations.

In this book, Schwartz shares his favorites, like zucchini with ricotta, anchovy, chili, lemon, Grana Padano, mint, and basil, BLT, tomato, and taleggio, and Pastrami on rye crust. Inspired by the Miami locale, pizzas also feature local Rock Shrimp and Slow-roasted Pork.

Genuine Pizza combines more than 75 recipes, where Schawrts shares his genuine approach to making better pizza at home.

genuine pizza cookbook
BLT Pizza

At The End Of Genuine Pizza Cookbook

Genuine Pizza is a good cookbook that offers lots of options for some delicious pizzas. But because no one can live on pizza alone, this book also explores Snacks, Soups, Salads, Main Courses, Desserts, and Drinks, forming a guidebook to creating balanced, vibrant meals, centered around “everyone’s favorite food”.


Genuine Pizza: Better Pizza at Home is a good cookbook for anyone who wants to know more about "everyone’s favorite food".









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