Jamie Cooks Italy Review

Jamie Cooks Italy Review
September 10, 2018

Jamie Cooks Italy: Escape to Italy with this New Cookbook

Some cooks only need the one name. Jamie is one of them. Add to that another single word – Italy – and you have a winning combination. Jamie Cooks Italy is a two years labor that contains and makes many lifetime-experiences, so we’re sure that this book is a pure art piece that may become your go-to Italian cookbook. From desserts, salads, lots of pasta, rice dishes as you never seen it before as well as beautiful slow cook dishes. Wonderfull feastings great for the weekend or special occasions, but also good and quick recipes. From the mountains to the islands to the seaside to the deep countryside. From Rome, Sicily, Napoles, Milan, Turin, Bari. This book has everything!!!

Jamie Cooks Italy
Jamie Cooks Italy Cookbook

The Ultimate Go-To Italian Cookbook

Jamie returns to cooking the food he loves the most, getting right to the heart of the Italian kitchen. When he shows you that truly authentic Italian cooking is simple, beautiful and achievable.

This new book is full of amazing dishes. In this completely new adventure, Jamie cooked with the most amazing nonnas to really capture the tricks techniques and tips, to fully discover the traditional Italian gastronomy. As a result, there are a huge diversity of recipes in this book, to be more precise, 140 recipes, including salads, pasta, desserts and a lot more.

Back to Italy

We all know that Jamie falls in love with Italian food and, as a result, he’s sharing his ultimate recipes, a mixture of fast and slow cooking, famous classics with the “Jamie twist”. It also has simple everyday dishes and more indulgent labor-of-love choices for weekends and parties. This new book is a wonderful, best-ever collection of recipes, deliver on big flavors and comfort; a celebration of truly great Italian food you’ll want to cook for yourself, your friends and your family.

Certainly, we can not talk about this new Jamie adventure without talking about Gennaro Contaldo. For those who do not know Genaro he is an Italian chef, mentor and Jamie Oliver’s friend. Both have worked together many times, you can see Genaro on different tv shows with Jamie. Due to numerous partnerships, and lots of hours together they decide to join forces and show us what Italy has best to offer.

Jamie Cooks Italy

Final Thoughts

If we compare Jamie Cooks Italy to Jamie´s Italy (book released in 2006), we can see that the love Jamie has for Italy remains the same. But now, 12 years after his first Italian book, we can see a more mature Jamie. Above all, the love and passion that Jamie has for food and with which it has conquered thousands of fans around the world is very explicit in this book.

Finally, this new book is a look at the heart of Italian cuisine, it is a sensational work by Jamie Oliver. If you love Italian food this should be your new go-to Italian book at home.


Jamie cooks Italy is a book that looks at the heart of Italian cuisine, it is a sensational work by Jamie Oliver. The only less positive aspects in this book are the photographs and perhaps the lack of some additional content beyond the recipes. But at the end, if you love Italian food this should be your new go-to Italian book at home.









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