Just A French Guy Cooking Review

Just A French Guy Cooking Review
March 4, 2019

Just A French Guy Cooking Cookbook

Before starting this review, we want to thank our friend Alex for sending us a copy of his amazing first cookbook, Just A French Guy Cooking. – Alex, if you are reading this, we are already waiting for your second cookbook!

If you don’t know who is Alexis Gabriel Aïnouz, there is something really wrong with you! – we are just kidding, you simply need to watch more youtube! French Guy Cooking is a YouTube sensation and a food geek. If you ever thought cooking had to be hard or boring, listen to Alex and get in the kitchen. A Frenchman living in Paris, Alex loves to demystify cooking by experimenting with food and cooking methods to take the fear factor out of cooking, make it fun and accessible, and charm everyone with his geeky approach to food.

If you already follow us, you know that we love the science behind any food, dish or equipment. Alex as everything we love, we will teach how to make the perfect croissant, how to build your dried age machine and a lot more crazy and interesting things!

Now that you have an idea about who is Alex is time to jump to the cookbook review.

just a french guy cooking
Just A French Guy Cooking – Cookbook

Inside Just A French Guy Cooking Cookbook

As we already said this is the debut cookbook from Alexis Gabriel, where he shares 100 of his absolute favorite recipes. In this cookbook, you will find many famous recipes from his youtube channel, such as onion soup, instantly upgrade ramen or even the pépin-style omelet. But you also have totally new recipes, in fact, more than 75% of the recipes are completely new. From amazingly tasty toast ideas all the way to classic but super simple French dishes such as Tarte Flambée Pizza and Terrifyingly Terrific Steak Tartare.

The recipes are incredibly well written, they are very easy to understand and execute. Each one comes with a few personal notes from Alex or even some history behind it. We really like the mental notes or even the cooking tips that Alex left throughout the book. In our opinion, these little details put this cookbook apart from the majority of competition. This is not the typical cookbook that you only use to make a recipe.

In Just A French Guy Cooking cookbook, you will learn about ingredients, techniques, and other things that will allow you to improve your cooking skills. With some step-by-step pics, nothing can go wrong and you will definitely be more comfortable in the kitchen. As Alex say “my recipes are here to inspire you and bring you confidence but they need a chef to cook them… that’s you”.

just a french guy cooking
Meatballs Done Right – Recipe

Food Hacks & Photographies

Start with the food hacks, this is just a brilliant idea that every cookbook should have. Throughout the book, you will find pages with the #HACK where Alex teach you about something. It could be about ingredients, about chefs knives or even about microwave hacks. This is one of the reasons we really enjoy this book. For us, techniques and knowledge are far more important than recipes.

Good photos are something that we love to see in a cookbook. In Just A French Guy Cooking cookbook, the photos are truly amazing! Let’s give a huge shout out to Dan Jones, the master behind these pictures. Although not all the recipes have photos, the ones they have, are incredibly well taken, and they really give you the sense of great comfort food.

Final Thoughts

After this review, we don’t have much more things to say. Just A French Guy Cooking is an incredible cookbook, from one of the best food youtube channels. A great cookbook from a French guy name Alex, that surprises everyone with his simplicity geek approach to food. If you are looking for a comfort food book that is different from everything you ever saw, Just A French Guy Cooking, is the book you are looking for.


We are absolutely in love with this cookbook, is perfect for any home cook and for everyday use. With the addition of science and some hacks from Alex, this cookbook stands out completely from any other comfort food cookbook.











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