Milk Bar Life: Recipes & Stories Review

Milk Bar Life: Recipes & Stories Review
October 31, 2018

A Share Of Recipes And Stories

As you might know, this week will be entirely dedicated to Christina Tosi chef and owner of Milk Bar. As a result, we decided to review all her cookbooks in just one week. In our first post, we review the amazing new All ABout Cake. And for our second post, we will review Milk Bar Life: Recipes & Stories.

This second cookbook is very different from Momofuku Milk Bar or even All ABout Cake. Christina Tosi’s energy and vibrancy still come across in this book, but sadly, the recipes are very different from the other two books. What we miss most about in this cookbook are the intriguing and interesting recipes from her first book. Instead, this book is full of recipes from friends and family, which are great, but they don’t have the same talent as Christina Tosi.

Milk Bar Life

A different approach in Milk Bar Life

At this point, you should be thinking that this book is not a good buy. But not everything is what it seems! It is true that this cookbook does not have the same innovative and challenging recipes than the other two, but above all, it still is a great cookbook.

For anyone addicted to crack pie, compost cookies, and cake truffles, in Milk Bar Life, you will find their savory counterparts. Recipes such as Kimcheezits with Blue Cheese Dip, Burnt Honey–Butter Kale with Sesame Seeds, and Choose Your Own Adventure Chorizo Burgers, along with enough make-at-home sweets to satisfy a “cookie-a-day habit”.

In this cookbook, you will join Christina and her friends as they cook their way through “weeknights,” sleepovers, and late-night snack attacks to make mind-blowingly delicious meals with whatever is in the pantry.

Milk Bar Life
My Grandma’s Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

Our Very Personal Opinion

As you probably suspect, we love Christina Tosi’s work. In our opinion, she is one of the best pastry chefs in the world! If you have any of her books it is easy to see the talent she has. For us, the magic of a great cookbook is not only in the recipes but also in the stories behind witch one. And for us, Christina has the best stories to share. We can hear her talking in our ears as we read the recipes. And we can feel her warmth as we mix up something that has impacted her life at some point.

One of the most interesting things about this book is the way the chapters are used. In Milk Bar Life each chapter is an experience in life. For example, there is a chapter called “Hand Me Downs”. These are the recipes she got from her family members. These represent home to her and are great recipes to add to your recipe arsenal. Then there is “We Are Family”, which shares favorite recipes from family meal at her restaurant/bakery.

Above all, Milk Bar Life is a very personal and great cookbook where Christina Tosi shares a personal slice of her life. So, if you are a fan of Christina, you certainly will love this book!


Milk Bar Life is cookbook very different from Momofuku Milk Bar or even All About Cake. Is a much more personal cookbook where Christina Tosi shares a personal slice of her life. Above all, it remains a book with the essence of Christina Tosi which makes it a great cookbook. A must-have for any true fan!









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