NanoFoamer Review

NanoFoamer Review
January 8, 2021

NanoFoamer: Microfoam Milk in Seconds

It's been a long time since our last coffee equipment review. So, for our first equipment review of the year, we decided to team up with abcoffee to bring you the NanoFoamer review.

NanoFoamer is a revolutionary new way to create smooth microfoamed milk at home for your flat white, cappuccino, or caffe latte. You can now create the highest quality velvety milk at home without the need for an espresso machine.

The Power of MicroFoam

We have been using the NanoFoamer in the last few months and we have been enjoying this small gadget. Thanks to its NanoScreens, the NanoFoamer can produce Cafe-quality microfoamed milk at home! Yes, you read well, there is finally one handheld milk frother on the market that actually works.

This milk frother spins milk bubbles through NanoScreens at ultra-high speed, breaking the bubbles down into a microscopic mist called microfoam. This foam is so fine, you won't ever see bubbles, and pouring this feels like pouring fresh paint rather than any kind of foam.

The delicious aspect of microfoamed milk is that it has a velvet texture and ads perceived sweetness to your coffee drinks. The microfoam produced by the NanoFoamer is so fine, that will blend perfectly with the espresso and crema, creating a velvet-smooth mouthfeel. And the best thing is that you can personalize the density of your microfilm, thanks to the fine or superfine NanoScreen that comes with the NanoFoamer. Additionally, churn for a shorter or longer time will change the amount of foam you make.


How it Works

Using the NanoFoamer is very simple, you just need the only button that this uint has and you are good to go. Keep in mind that to maintain the NanoFoamer running you will need to keep the button pressed. This is the feature we least enjoy in the NanoFoamer since the position where the button is located is not the most ergonomic. We would love to see the button on the top of the unit and not in the middle of its body.

Although this equipment is easy to use it requires some knowledge and practice, especially if you are aiming to produce beautiful latte art. This knowledge is not specific to this equipment, but latte art in general. You will need to heat the milk until it reaches the ideal temperature and you will need to have a good pouring technique.

To make incredible milk patterns in your cappuccino you will have to have prior knowledge/experience because although the NanoFoamer is easy to use, it does not transform you into a professional barista, only practice will do. If you don't have any experience with latte art, don't worry, because when you pre-order the NanoFoamer you'll receive a free master class in latte art, that will help you to master this technique.

Another thing that we liked about this equipment is that can be used with milk alternatives, like soy, oat, and coconut. We test the NanoFoamer with these alternatives and it performed really well on all three. The main difference, when compared with regular milk, was the amount of microfoam, which was less in watery drinks like oat milk. In the case of watery drinks, we had to use the fine NanoScreen to try to create a slightly thick foam.

Last but not least, another thing that we like about NanoFoamer is how easy it is to clean. Just give it a spin under running water after each use.


Final Thoughts

The NanoFoamer is a cool and fun to use gadget that will allow you to produce great microfilmed milk at home. For us, this product can't substitute a good espresso machine, but it can substitute most of the milk frothers you find on the market. If you are looking for a new milk frother or if you want to start making your own cappuccinos, and you don't have an espresso machine with steam wand, the NanoFoamer is a product that you need to check.


The NanoFoamer is a great tool that actually does what it's supposed to do. In contrast with most milk frothers on the market, you will actually be able to make Cafe-quality microfoamed milk with the NanoFoamer.


Build Quality


Ease of Use





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